Sunday, October 18, 2015


My parents were in town over the weekend and I have no idea if really they were here to offer thanksgiving at the temple or that was a smokescreen to accompany my sister's boyfriend who is moving here. They stayed at Swissotel again (yay!) and that makes it a total of 5 nights of stay so far. I will be able to get a physical member card and lifetime membership. Hurray! We received a surprise of 3 pieces of chocolates delivered to our room yesterday and I was wondering why. I already signed up as a circle member since the last time but we did not get that on the previous visit. After researching more in the evening, it seems that it is because I hit the 5 nights landmark.

My dad's choice of food really surprised me this time. Usually he always eats at food court but yesterday he suggested Buffet Town!! I just had buffet on last Saturday but I had not tried Buffet Town before so I did not mind. The seafood and the sashimi are great, the teppanyaki is disappointing (they put grilled and teppanyaki so big at the shop entrance and yet only vegetables and chicken for teppanyaki???!!), the pizza is shit, the cooks at Western section needs customer service training, and the fruits and desserts spread are pathetic. I still find it worth, though, because I really cannot eat a lot so I am not that pissed having to forgo so many of the uninteresting sections. Haha.. Don't even talk about second round as I never even try everything for first round. However, I never ate that much sashimi and seafood in a buffet before and the $41 (after all the ++) was worth it. My parents still continued for another half an hour after I gave up. Lol. My dad said that was his first buffet since his surgery.

I have finally overcome my inertia to take up Japanese language class. Lets see if I will succeed or I will give up like what happened to Mandarin when I was in university. I just had the first lesson today and I think I am really old as a lot of the others are still studying :( Gosh.. And I think my brain is too old to study. It is a challenge to remember new words but the ultimate 'killer' is the hiragana. How on earth I am supposed to remember those letters? Not to mention that hiragana characters are quite arty/pretty with their round-ish shape and I suck with such things. My characters end up being too pointy or too round like a circle. Bleah.. Long way to go... But I am still enthusiastic about learning this new language!! Hehe...

And in case you are wondering what the title of this post, it is the Japanese for my occupation. No idea why it contains a yakuza. Haha...

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