Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hero 2015

If not because of stress, I will give this movie a miss. I am not a fan of KimuTaku and I never follow the previous Hero TV series or movie. I saw the trailer during Attack of Titan: The End of the World and I thought the story is quite intriguing as it involves a police investigation and a foreign embassy. Of course there are funny moments and I need a good laugh to release my stress.

Despite having zero knowledge about the series, the movie does pretty well in 'showing but not directly telling' the background of the characters. I sort of guess that Prosecutor Amamiya used to be Prosecutor Kuryu's assistant and worked in the same office. She is now a prosecutor in a different city and ends up having a case related to the one Kuryu's is handling.

The case which becomes the focus is the death of a lady who was running away from an embassy of a fictional country, Neustria. Investigation of the embassy or involving the embassy staff is impossible as a foreign embassy is considered a foreign country which has immunity to local law. Things get pretty intense as the culprit attempts to kill Kuryu and stops him from investigating. Kuryu does not die and this spurs the rest of his colleagues to solve the case even more. In the end, justice prevails.

I will say the plot is rather shallow and borderline lame. Failing to enter the embassy, Kuryu and his assistant explores another way of getting Neustria and possibly some Neustrians. That is by looking for a Neustrian restaurant which happens to be the one and only one restaurant in the area. Obviously they will be able to find some Neustrians and embassy people. This does not go well as the embassy people get weary of them. Then comes the murder attempt and suddenly everything starts to fall into place. Amamiya's fiance apparently has some connection with Neustrian's independence day celebration which allows Kuryu and Amamiya to 'infiltrate' the embassy. Their saviour is the Neustrian ambassador who turns out to be the random old man that Kuryu meets previously in the Neustrian restaurant. Mr Ambassador used to teach law before becoming an ambassador and thus is at the side of the law: he sends the minister who is involved in drug trafficking back to Neustria to be trialed (since he has diplomatic immunity and is untouchable by local laws) while the person responsible with the murder of the lady at the start of the movie is just an embassy staff who has no diplomatic immunity and hence is handed over to local authority.

Character development is almost absent and until the end of the movie, Kuryu and Amamiya's relationship remains ambiguous.

Despite poor plot and character development, I still enjoyed the movie for all the comedy. It is quite amazing that most of the comedy comes from the sidekicks and not from the main characters. However, a part of me feels that the movie is not good enough as it does not make me interested in finding more about the TV series.

Aaah and age is really catching on Takuya Kimura. He no longer looks as young as he used to be when I was a teenager which also means that I am growing old. Lol.

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