Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Few seconds of fame

Call me a vain pot but I was happy to be in the newspaper and to experience a few seconds of fame in the television because of my volunteering event on Sunday. A few people that I knew were the official photographers and I knew when they were taking my photo but I was completely not aware that there would be media. On Monday, a colleague told me that she saw me in the news and I did not believe it. But in the evening, I saw the clip and I believed. I saw my photo in Chinese newspaper too and I don't know what the article is talking about. However, the caption sounds as if I am working somewhere else. Sadly, I have no friend and noone tags me in the photo or in the video lor :(

Work has not been kind to me recently and I really feel like fucking off. Once a year, when the error report from the previous year is completed, we will repeat the same discussion again which eventually will be forgotten after a month and only to surface again in the following year. Gosh.. It is like I do my reporting is wrong but I am also wrong if I don't do the reporting. In short, no matter what, I am always wrong. Similarly with ASEAN Para Games planning. It is not unexpected that there will be last minute changes but I am sick of 'begging' others for help. Gosh seriously I am just a middle man in everything I do. I have responsibilities but none of the authorities so please don't be mean or curse me. I am just doing my job. Haiz..

I am still a kid. I need to learn how to leave work at work and don't think about it once I leave work :(

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