Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tidying up

I still feel so tired after my trip and other than my luggage, everything has been as they are from Japan for the past 2 weeks. I am so lazy to unpack the stuff as it will mean that I need to arrange how I store all of my toys and honestly I don't think I still have a lot of storage space :( I am done with checking the anime books but Genie is still wrapped. A part of me is scared to find if Genie fails to arrive in Singapore in one piece.

Let's talk about money first. I initially changed 175000 JPY at a rate of 1000 JPY to $11.32 and at the last minute I decided to add 100000 JPY at a rate of $11.91. I came back with 185000 JPY which I just changed back to Singapore dollars at a rate of 1000 JPY to $11.68. Anyway my decision to use credit card to pay the hotel is correct as when I calculate, the exchange rate works out to be about 1000 JPY to $11.52 for that. However, the credit card use at Disneyland and Mandarake is at a rate of 1000 JPY to $12+. Of course I can always think that this rate is close to $11.91 and I actually make a profit as those I changed for $11.32 are worth $11.68 now. But for someone negative like me, the additional changing of 100000 JPY was a mistake.

I had been thinking of taking Japanese class after my trip but it was just in my head. I did not actually google to search for Japanese language school in Singapore. Curiously, a Japanese language school kept appearing on my Facebook newsfeed! I opened the page and saw a friend liking it. After checking with him, it is actually the language school that is set up by his ex-teacher. Oh great! Since there is a great testimonial from a friend, I am decided for it. The schedule for the beginner class is also just 'nice' to suit my schedule. It will start on 18 Oct and run for 10 weeks which means the class will end on 20 Dec. I actually will fly home on the 19th. I checked with the teacher and he is willing to give replacement class. Yay!! I am sold. I sincerely hope that my Japanese will not be as hopeless as my Mandarin so that I can travel happily to Japan every year.

I went for my acne follow up last Saturday which cost me almost $400. I am supposed to apply 5 different creams every morning and every evening now. Gosh!! Not that I am complaining as I seriously can feel and see the improvement. However, my face becomes very red now as I have to use Differin in the morning and Stieva-A in the evening. My previous regiment was only Stieva-A on alternate nights and I thought it was quite harsh for my skin.

I can confirm that the 3kg gained in Japan is really weight gain and not 3kg worth of shit. To make things worse, I have been eating like a junk since I returned: 8 packs of Kettle potato chips, 2 McD meals (the new Double Ebi Mentaiko and Cereal), KFC (the new Cheesy Crunch Burger), MOS burger (Osaka-yaki burger and rice burger). My face looks like shit right now and it basically proves that these things are really triggering my acne! Aarrgh.. October is coming and that is my aim to restart my good diet and lifestyle.

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