Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nihon e ikimasu!

Yeaahh!! I am feeling very very excited to be flying to Japan for the first time in few hours time!! I was feeling sleepy after lunch and I thought I would take a nap after checking out Disneyland's parade timings first. However Disneyland made me too excited and my sleepiness disappears and here I am typing this now. Haha...

I am slowly learning the bad habit of packing last minute. It is not very me as usually I like to take my time and plan in advance. In August, before my short trip home, I started packing the day before. For this trip, I only started packing when I woke up this morning. Yeah.. less than 12 hours before the flight. I felt a bit down after packing as I realised that my wardrobe has not expanded since my trip to Europe in 2013. I know it is unnecessary stress to start planning what I am going to wear on which day for photos but the vainpot in me just could not help it. The weather forecast in Japan for the next week is full of rainy days with temperature ranging from 21-27 deg C which is like an aircon room. I don't know if I should bring long sleeve shirts or jackets to follow this as usually early September is still considered late summer.

I am travelling 'light' this time as I am setting aside space in case I buy a lot of toys from Japan. Haha.. Having said that, I actually brought limited JPY. I changed another 100k on Friday and the exchange rate was 11.91. That was 60 cents more as compared to the first time I changed! $60 loss for a lesson that I cannot be an investor. I thought of waiting for better rates but it did not happen. There was one time when the rate dropped back to 11.52 but I decided to wait. So I waited until the last day and the rate was just getting higher. Bleah.. I activated 1 credit and 1 ATM card for last resort if I really run out of cash.

To prepare for my Europe trip, I bought new clothes, digital camera, and Galaxy Note 8.0. This time I did not buy anything. I changed my phone recently but that was to use my Best Denki vouchers. Instead of waiting, I might as well change now so that at least I can bring new phone to Japan. I decided to buy Samsung Galaxy E7 for $498 because I was thinking of getting and iPod. Apple and I are never meant to be together. I am glad that I was patient as I realised latest version of iTunes does not cater to Windows Vista anymore. Yaiks!! If I had bought an iPod, there is no way I can transfer the songs!! There is limited choice of Sony Walkman and I decided to buy the $109 one.. I am left with $100 voucher T_T If I knew I would not be getting iPod, I would perhaps buy Samsung Galaxy A8 instead for $698 to use all my voucher!! Anyway this Sony Walkman is my very first purchase of mp3 player. Since young, I have never bought any. Those media players I owned in the past were always gifts.

I am basically writing backwards. On Wednesday, I decided to see a doctor regarding my stomach. I was expecting that the doctor would check for my hernia but the moment he heard I had hernia repair, he was 100% sure my discomfort could not be because of hernia recurrence. After 1 day MC, I felt much better. The pseudo-gastric discomfort and the pulling sensation on the groin disappeared. Perhaps I was just too tired recently? I don't know.. The doctor said it could be workplace hazard as I stand too long and gravity pulls everything down. Aiyayayaya...

I hope everything will be okay for the next 1.5 weeks. God, I pray for a safe and blessed holiday and I am sorry for skipping Mass this week and next week :'(

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