Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It seems that I am not only sensitive inside but I am also sensitive outside. I gave up and decided to go a dermatologist that a colleague of mine recommended. I knew it was going to cost a bomb but after 3 years of doing my own thing without any improvement, I have grown desperate. I am diagnosed with eczema + acne :'( The redness and the flaking skin are the eczema while the oiliness contribute to the acne. I never expected to have sensitive skin. Haiz.. Now I am not surprised that I feel very itchy sometimes which I thought it was due to skin being too dry and flaking. I am crossing my fingers now and hopefully everything will be okay soon :(

The doctor is not friendly as she appears in the website. However, I have to say that she is very good. She actually told me in advance if I can get some of the medications from my workplace, there is no need to buy from her. Wow!! It is heartening to still find a doctor who is not so money minded. I am expecting to get self-made creams with her own secret formula but that is not the case. For the first week, I am supposed to use desonide lotion just to clear the eczema first. For second week onwards then only I will use the medications to treat acne. I kinda expected Dalacin T and Stieva-A so no surprises here. The only product of her brand is just the skin moisturiser which really costs a bomb as compared to the rest of the branded medicine. Wow!! I still think she is not very money minded though. For example, she does not immediately jump into asking me to change current facial foam and perhaps to use her brand. When I said that currently I am taking doxycycline, she said I could continue but she did not insist on prescribing some more from her own clinic.I have to return in 3 weeks time and sadly that is after my Japan trip. I am too late :( I want to get ready for photos in Japan ma.. And there goes my SG50 bonus for my face.

1/4 of me is already in Japan now. Lol.. I got my visa today and I have exchanged some JPY. I think I will change some more. When I ask my friends who have been there before, everyone is telling me to bring a lot and more because all of them always run out money when they are there. Ooops...and they are not the anime/manga person like me.. Surprisingly, money changers are not common in Japan and credit cards usage is only at big establishment. It is a dilemma since I am planning to buy something very expensive at Disneyland. If I bring enough to buy that item, I know I will be pressurised to buy it even if I realise that it is not very nice there. Even if change my mind and not buy that item, I will end up buying other items just for the sake of using the JPY since I already exchanged them. If I don't bring cash for that item and swipe credit card, I will end up paying significantly more with the exchange rate and the bank fees.

I decided to buy JR Pass online with the hope that it is going to get 6% rebate from my credit card. Without the rebate, it is the same price of buying from JTB here so I am taking a risk. I don't know if the website is reliable or if the transaction will be considered e-commerce eligible for the 6% rebate -_-" Disneyland tickets will definitely be bought online because JTB charges $10 service fee per ticket. Sorry, no thanks! Haha..

Travelling is really expensive. I think in total I will spend more than my 1 month pay for this Japan trip.. Aargh.. and talking about money, I am very emo. I was impatient and ordered Digimon G.E.M exclusives figures of Angemon & Takeru and Angewomon & Hikari via a seller at carousell over the weekend for $185. It is comparable to buying directly from Japan through a proxy + shipping fee so I might as well save the trouble of going to post office to collect it. Local shop is quite hopeless as Toycoin is selling it at $250 each!! La Tendo is usually selling at crazy prices so I usually don't care about pre-ordering from them. Guess what, La Tendo only opened the preorder today for less than $150 each!! The total difference for 2 figures is close to $80!! Fuck me la! Sian.. Idiot me...

I am not a fan of K-pop but today I am bored enough to click the video that is shared by my friends on facebook: Lion Heart by Girls' Generation. Okay, this tune of this song is the type that I like. Haha...

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