Saturday, August 1, 2015

Costly carelessness

First it was with my air ticket for this coming long weekend. Usually I am never lucky when it comes to long weekend because it is always my turn to work on the Saturday. It will not be the case this time but I only realised it like 2 weeks ago. A lot of flights were fully booked or the prices were sky-high. I was so happy when I saw a good price with Garuda Indonesia. The happiness was shortlived. I was so excited that I actually bought the ticket for the WRONG DATE!! Grrr... Friday is holiday so the one I was looking for is Thursday evening flight and the one I booked was actually Friday evening! I could not reschedule as there were no more flights for Thursday evening and Friday morning. I was ready to give it a miss and reschedule the ticket for my December holiday. Sadly, since I bought a promo ticket, the return flight has to be within 7 days of departure. I am going home for 2 weeks in December so I have no choice but to suck up for this long weekend. 1 day wasted. Bleah..

Last week I saw that Justice League 6 comic was already available. I decided to delay buying as I foresee there would be a sale during National Day periods. I was so happy when the good news came earlier this week. Kinokuniya is having 20% sale from 1-5 August. Is it so? I was so damn excited and I did not read that the sale is only at the main store!! I went to Bugis to buy the book yesterday. I should realise something was amiss when I did not see any poster about the sale at the entrance. Sigh.. Not only I wasted the time and the transport fare to go to Bugis, I also wasted additional $5 for the potential additional 10% off if I read the advertisement carefully and bought at Takashimaya instead.

But perhaps the ultimate happened just now. As I was tidying up my room and re-arranging my toy display, I realised that my WDCC Aladdin is damaged!! When I checked the photos I took previously I realised that the damage was there right from the start and I did not realise it. FML! Not only I was very impatient and paid a bomb for it, I was so excited when it arrived that I did not even notice about the damage. It is too late to do anything about it now except to sulk.
That is a crack! Not paint line :(
At times like this, I feel like breaking everything and quit collecting things altogether.. Haiz...

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