Sunday, August 30, 2015


My stomach began to act weirdly again for the past week. Since my hernia experience last year, anything resembles gastric pain made me worry. While the discomfort is not bad enough to make me want to take any gastric medication, it is coupled with "pulling" sensation at where the hernia repair was done :( I have actually gotten used with the occasional "pulling" sensation since the surgery. I just brushed it aside and think that since something has been patched up there, it would be expected to feel something unusual occasionally. My bowel habit changed too despite no change in diet. My dad was here yesterday for follow up of his surgery. It got me worried if I had some blockage inside that caused the change in my bowel habit. Oh God!!!

I am glad that my dad is recuperating well. He thought one corner of his surgery wound was not closing yet but the surgeon verified that it was closing well. A bit rough on the outside is expected since the suction was placed over that part previously. He felt healthy and strong enough to be even willing to go to Gardens by the Bay this morning!! Haha.. That was my 2nd visit for the year. I managed to convince my parents to go up to the Supertree as well. One of the reasons was that I had also never gone up. Lol.. My mum was not very keen but after all the health problems, I realise that health is wealth and we should just do all the 'crazy' things while we are still healthy. I can't imagine she will want to walk that far or climb to that height when she is older.

I did not expect that we would be going there so I was very inappropriately dressed: jeans and ugly t-shirt. We were blessed with great weather, sunny but cloudy, but I still felt sticky and sweaty throughout. Eew.. I feel that the Supertree is over-rated. The bridge is so small that it is difficult to take pictures without the other tourists around. When there is wind blowing, the whole bridge can sway and it can be rather scary. The height can be scary but I think that the most frightening part is the uneven flooring of the bridge. They put an anti-slip material at the centre part but not at the sides. If you are not careful enough to step on the end of the anti-slip material, you will feel that your footing is unstable o_0 The view is not very great from up there and I only took 1 camwhore photo. That is very rare lol. I decided to take 1 for memory sake as I don't think I want to voluntarily go up again.

Anyway it is 1 week before my trip to Japan and I am already in holiday mood. I don't feel like working anymore!! Haha.. There are still many things to do though. I have not started packing and I have not exchanged more Yen as the rate has not dropped to the level when I bought it 2 weeks ago. T_T Should have exchanged more. When I went to Sydney, Korea, and Europe previously, my mum usually asked how much I brought and the answer was always "should be enough". This time is the first time that she told me that I should bring more as it will not be enough. Whaaat... I already exchanged half-month of my pay leh!!

Finally I have made up my mind for a new phone. My mum was not interested to buy any new phone despite my offer of free vouchers. In the morning, I decided that S6 is too small while S6 Edge is not too user-friendly as you can 'accidentally' be pressing the screen when you are holding the phone normally on the sides. In the afternoon, I was thinking between Note 4's replaceable battery and micro-SD vs Note 5's bragging rights as both have the same price. In the evening, I decided to get Galaxy E7 + iPod nano to use all my vouchers!! Haha.. E7 is still considered an upgrade from my current Note (1) and it still has micro-SD. I shall give a try on how durable Samsung non-replacable battery first before jumping to $1000+ phones. I can't wait for the IT show this coming Thursday and I hope there would be some promotion or freebies.

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