Sunday, August 30, 2015


My stomach began to act weirdly again for the past week. Since my hernia experience last year, anything resembles gastric pain made me worry. While the discomfort is not bad enough to make me want to take any gastric medication, it is coupled with "pulling" sensation at where the hernia repair was done :( I have actually gotten used with the occasional "pulling" sensation since the surgery. I just brushed it aside and think that since something has been patched up there, it would be expected to feel something unusual occasionally. My bowel habit changed too despite no change in diet. My dad was here yesterday for follow up of his surgery. It got me worried if I had some blockage inside that caused the change in my bowel habit. Oh God!!!

I am glad that my dad is recuperating well. He thought one corner of his surgery wound was not closing yet but the surgeon verified that it was closing well. A bit rough on the outside is expected since the suction was placed over that part previously. He felt healthy and strong enough to be even willing to go to Gardens by the Bay this morning!! Haha.. That was my 2nd visit for the year. I managed to convince my parents to go up to the Supertree as well. One of the reasons was that I had also never gone up. Lol.. My mum was not very keen but after all the health problems, I realise that health is wealth and we should just do all the 'crazy' things while we are still healthy. I can't imagine she will want to walk that far or climb to that height when she is older.

I did not expect that we would be going there so I was very inappropriately dressed: jeans and ugly t-shirt. We were blessed with great weather, sunny but cloudy, but I still felt sticky and sweaty throughout. Eew.. I feel that the Supertree is over-rated. The bridge is so small that it is difficult to take pictures without the other tourists around. When there is wind blowing, the whole bridge can sway and it can be rather scary. The height can be scary but I think that the most frightening part is the uneven flooring of the bridge. They put an anti-slip material at the centre part but not at the sides. If you are not careful enough to step on the end of the anti-slip material, you will feel that your footing is unstable o_0 The view is not very great from up there and I only took 1 camwhore photo. That is very rare lol. I decided to take 1 for memory sake as I don't think I want to voluntarily go up again.

Anyway it is 1 week before my trip to Japan and I am already in holiday mood. I don't feel like working anymore!! Haha.. There are still many things to do though. I have not started packing and I have not exchanged more Yen as the rate has not dropped to the level when I bought it 2 weeks ago. T_T Should have exchanged more. When I went to Sydney, Korea, and Europe previously, my mum usually asked how much I brought and the answer was always "should be enough". This time is the first time that she told me that I should bring more as it will not be enough. Whaaat... I already exchanged half-month of my pay leh!!

Finally I have made up my mind for a new phone. My mum was not interested to buy any new phone despite my offer of free vouchers. In the morning, I decided that S6 is too small while S6 Edge is not too user-friendly as you can 'accidentally' be pressing the screen when you are holding the phone normally on the sides. In the afternoon, I was thinking between Note 4's replaceable battery and micro-SD vs Note 5's bragging rights as both have the same price. In the evening, I decided to get Galaxy E7 + iPod nano to use all my vouchers!! Haha.. E7 is still considered an upgrade from my current Note (1) and it still has micro-SD. I shall give a try on how durable Samsung non-replacable battery first before jumping to $1000+ phones. I can't wait for the IT show this coming Thursday and I hope there would be some promotion or freebies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Attack on Titan (Live Action)

I think Attack on Titan is an overhyped series and I am not a fan. All the hype obviously made me curious about it and I decided to purchase the manga. The art style is not something I enjoy and yet I still continue reading because of all the hype. Only after getting past the 10th volume, I began to feel curious about how the story goes. But my feelings towards the art style and the characters remain unchanged. Despite all these, I can't help but feel excited about the live action version.

As I am not a fan of the original material, I cannot really remember what the story is all about. I treat the movie as any other movie that I have no background knowledge of. I know it is going to deviate from the manga or anime because Levi is excluded from the live action. Bleah.. I thought that was weird since Levi is like the most popular character and even more popular than the main guy, Eren.

I did not have a good first impression for the movie. It feels weird to see that the human population suddenly becomes Japanese as it feels more angmoh in the manga. Eren is a protagonist that you can't help to be rooting for in the manga but here, he is damn irritating right from the very first scene. What's with the change of characterisation sia? Mikasa is more like a sister to Eren in the manga but it is very obvious in the movie that they are meant to be love interest. Oh and basically these people are way too old to be playing 15-16 year old teenagers.

The first invasion of the titans seem to be the climax of the movie as everything goes downhill after that. The design of the titan is really gross and that is a compliment as titans are supposed to be gross. I am looking forward to how gross and gory the human-eating scenes will be but I have to say I am pretty disappointed. Perhaps I am desensitised after seeing those scenes from the anime or I am desensitised with human body parts after my anatomy lessons in university. The movie maker seems to be running out of ideas to depict gory scenes as subsequently I mostly see red (blood) dropping from the sky and body parts flying. The Colossal Titan looks badass and the other titans look like shit in comparison. Too bad that the Colossal only appears behind the wall to look badass and does nothing else.

In the manga, Eren's hatred towards titans is due to witnessing the death of her mother. In the movie, his hatred seems to be lame as he thought titans eat Mikasa, despite no proof of her death. To me, movie Eren does not seem to have a strong reason to fight and that makes his character boring. In a post-apocalyptic settings, the banters between the Survey Corps characters also seem very trivial and useless. Bleah...

I will not say that there is a fight between Survey Corps vs Titans. It is more like Mikasa and Shikishima slaying the titans while the others were scared to death. The CGI during the fight scenes does little to convey the realism of the fight. I find the titan invasion at the beginning to be more intense than the so-called climax.

In the manga, I don't like Armin because he is too wimpy but in the movie, I actually like him better than Eren. Haha.. He is the same guy who plays as Echizen Ryoma in Prince of Tennis movie a few years ago and I think he is pretty good to be able to play a stuck up Ryoma and wimpy Armin. Mikasa looks very thin but I think she is perfectly casted. The hair is identical, she looks very cold when being serious, but her facial expression can soften significantly when she is not in killing mode.

The ending is obviously hanging as there is second part of the movie. Will I watch it? Sure I will! There are still so many unanswered questions like how Mikasa survived the titan attack, the mystery behind the titan, etc. Haha.. I am glad that I am not a fan of Attack on Titan. I think the movie is rather rubbish so if I am a fan, I think I will curse and swear. But if you consider this as a standalone action movie, it feels less rubbishy. Lol..

There are NC16 and M18 version for this movie. Since I am past the legal age, I chose the M18 version which is showing at Golden Village Suntec City or Vivocity. I have never been to Suntec City so I decided to give it a try. I think I will never go there again. Haha.. It is a very far walk from the MRT and I hate the ticket gantry system. Pui...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It seems that I am not only sensitive inside but I am also sensitive outside. I gave up and decided to go a dermatologist that a colleague of mine recommended. I knew it was going to cost a bomb but after 3 years of doing my own thing without any improvement, I have grown desperate. I am diagnosed with eczema + acne :'( The redness and the flaking skin are the eczema while the oiliness contribute to the acne. I never expected to have sensitive skin. Haiz.. Now I am not surprised that I feel very itchy sometimes which I thought it was due to skin being too dry and flaking. I am crossing my fingers now and hopefully everything will be okay soon :(

The doctor is not friendly as she appears in the website. However, I have to say that she is very good. She actually told me in advance if I can get some of the medications from my workplace, there is no need to buy from her. Wow!! It is heartening to still find a doctor who is not so money minded. I am expecting to get self-made creams with her own secret formula but that is not the case. For the first week, I am supposed to use desonide lotion just to clear the eczema first. For second week onwards then only I will use the medications to treat acne. I kinda expected Dalacin T and Stieva-A so no surprises here. The only product of her brand is just the skin moisturiser which really costs a bomb as compared to the rest of the branded medicine. Wow!! I still think she is not very money minded though. For example, she does not immediately jump into asking me to change current facial foam and perhaps to use her brand. When I said that currently I am taking doxycycline, she said I could continue but she did not insist on prescribing some more from her own clinic.I have to return in 3 weeks time and sadly that is after my Japan trip. I am too late :( I want to get ready for photos in Japan ma.. And there goes my SG50 bonus for my face.

1/4 of me is already in Japan now. Lol.. I got my visa today and I have exchanged some JPY. I think I will change some more. When I ask my friends who have been there before, everyone is telling me to bring a lot and more because all of them always run out money when they are there. Ooops...and they are not the anime/manga person like me.. Surprisingly, money changers are not common in Japan and credit cards usage is only at big establishment. It is a dilemma since I am planning to buy something very expensive at Disneyland. If I bring enough to buy that item, I know I will be pressurised to buy it even if I realise that it is not very nice there. Even if change my mind and not buy that item, I will end up buying other items just for the sake of using the JPY since I already exchanged them. If I don't bring cash for that item and swipe credit card, I will end up paying significantly more with the exchange rate and the bank fees.

I decided to buy JR Pass online with the hope that it is going to get 6% rebate from my credit card. Without the rebate, it is the same price of buying from JTB here so I am taking a risk. I don't know if the website is reliable or if the transaction will be considered e-commerce eligible for the 6% rebate -_-" Disneyland tickets will definitely be bought online because JTB charges $10 service fee per ticket. Sorry, no thanks! Haha..

Travelling is really expensive. I think in total I will spend more than my 1 month pay for this Japan trip.. Aargh.. and talking about money, I am very emo. I was impatient and ordered Digimon G.E.M exclusives figures of Angemon & Takeru and Angewomon & Hikari via a seller at carousell over the weekend for $185. It is comparable to buying directly from Japan through a proxy + shipping fee so I might as well save the trouble of going to post office to collect it. Local shop is quite hopeless as Toycoin is selling it at $250 each!! La Tendo is usually selling at crazy prices so I usually don't care about pre-ordering from them. Guess what, La Tendo only opened the preorder today for less than $150 each!! The total difference for 2 figures is close to $80!! Fuck me la! Sian.. Idiot me...

I am not a fan of K-pop but today I am bored enough to click the video that is shared by my friends on facebook: Lion Heart by Girls' Generation. Okay, this tune of this song is the type that I like. Haha...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kuroko no Basuke Season 3

Hmm.. I am quite surprised that actually did not write anything about Season 2 although I finished watching it sometime in 2014. I guess Season 2 is too boring and unmemorable that I could not be bothered about it that much. That is quite sad considering that sneak peak at the end of season 1 seems promising with introduction of an old member who was injured and did not get any airtime during season 1. Yup, I am referring to Kiyoshi Teppei. Too bad his character is rather boring and his skills are rather boring too.

Season 2 marks the beginning of Winter Cup. There is a repeat of Seirin vs Shutoku as well as Seirin vs Touou which come way too close to the similar matches in season 1. While I admire 3-point shooters, 3-point shoot is not the most exciting thing when translated to anime. So I don't mind Midorima is that interesting. Kagami and Aomine's match is also boring as their skill set (beast instinct??) is just a matter who is faster. And gosh, I am sick of the Zone. The highlight for this season is the introduction of the next member of Generation of Miracles: Atsushi Murasakibara who is in Yosen together with Kagami's childhood friend, Tatsuya Himuro. The way Murasakibara speaks is very boring and irritating but I think his personality is quite interesting. The "conflict" between Kagami and Himuro, however, is way too childish. Which high school student will fight over: if you win from me then I shall not be your friends anymore?
Okay enough of season 2 but with that, I am not too hyped for season 3. I was looking forward to Akashi but his introduction at the season 2 makes him seem like a prick and a bad guy. I am glad that season 3 goes full throttle with all the excitement. A lot of focus and background of this season goes all the way back to Generation of Miracles' middle school days at Teiko. The first match features Kise and ex-member of Teiko basketball club that lost his position to Kise. We then move on to the semi-finals between Shutoku vs Rakuzan and Seirin vs Kaijo. Before the finals, there are 4 flashback episodes to Teiko days.

What makes season 3 special is the great combination of intense matches and the emotions/relationship between various characters, especially Generation of Miracles. Although I feel that the 4 flashback episodes are too long, they are very useful to understand the interesting relationship and personalities of the Generation of Miracles now. These episodes definitely change my mind about Akashi. He is not a prick. I can understand why he ends up behaving that way. Although I am not as bipolar as him, I also sometime swings from a prick to my normal self. I understand that sometimes you have to let your evil self surface to ensure things are under control. 

Right from the start, Kuroko no Basuke is unique as compared to other basketball series that usually focus on the relationship within the team of the main character. Kuroko no Basuke focuses on the rivalry of ex-team mates and provides a clear message: you don't have to be enemies to be rivals. It is definitely nice that the manga does not forget what he sets out to do at the very beginning because at the end of the series, the goal of having all Generation of Miracles back to their old self to enjoy basketball and realise the importance of teamwork is achieved.

By the last few matches, usually focus will be on the main characters. KnB takes a special twist that the usual subs gain more screentime. They not only play during the official matches, they score, and their growth in skills is shown. I like Koga so I am glad that give more opportunity for him to shine. Too bad that they did not give the same chance for Mitobe.

The final match of Seirin vs Rakuzan spans close to 10 episodes. Although in general I think the matches in KnB are rather lengthy, I am not complaining for the finals. Rakuzan players are given enough screentime for us to understand their skills and the tides keep turning as players take turn to lose hope etc. Usually nearing the end of a series, mangaka will be too lazy to keep up with new characters so again KnB is unique in this sense. Even Kuroko's long lost friend (who was introduced during the Teiko flashback) makes an appearance in the final to support Kuroko. Gosh.. That really made me cry. Haha.. However, despite Akashi's emo-ness that allows Seirin to catch up, I think Rakuzan should still win because they are the stronger team with 3 Uncrowned Kings as compared to Seirin.

I worried that the unique skillsets of each character will turn up the series to be more and more bizarre like Prince of Tennis. Although I love Prince of Tennis, I have to admit that some of the skills are supernatural like how Yukimura is able to remove his opponent's senses. KnB has more believable skillsets and no matter how skillful someone is, there is physical limitations such as fatigue or injury which make them unable to use their skills indefinitely. Initially I thought Akashi's ankle break is something similar to Yukimura. But after the explanation given, it sounds believable to have someone "loses his footing" in the middle of motion and have them fall down on their knees. That makes the skill very cool to have his opponents kneel in front him. It is even more cool that when he is in evil version, his Emperor Eye is used to see how his opponents will move while when he is back to his usual safe, he can use his Emperor Eye to predict how his team mates will move as well and that makes everyone in his team better.

I still dislike the Zone idea and now they introduce the True Zone. I was like "whaaa.....t???". Guardian of the second door to the True Zone... Whaa.....t the... ??? Anyway it seems that the most ideal state in a sports team is full trust and synchro with the rest of the team mates. PoT has this idea for the most ideal doubles pair and KnB has the same idea with the True Zone. It makes sense that Kuroko is the guardian of the door to the True Zone since he is the one always observing and thus can understand his team mates. But in the match, the True Zone is shown as if the rest is sync-ing with Kagami leh... Hmm.. I am confused.

Epilogues typically lasts few seconds to few minutes after the ending song of the last episode. KnB does this differently again with half of the last episode serves like an epilogue. The end also provides a closure to what happen to Generation of Miracles after all of this: they are back as friends and play together during Kuroko's birthday. T_T sob sob... I suck when it comes to this kind of thing sia... Haha... But then if you notice, in the locker room, the curtain is blown inside towards the room which is opposite to the wind direction that opens Kuroko's locker door. Oh well, it is obvious that they just want to show this photo:
The photo taken during Kuroko's birthday

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Passion vs Reason

I just completed a course this afternoon and it is the most useful course that I have ever attended. Before the course started, I felt so duh with all the pre-course assignments to be completed before the course. Who knows that the assignments were directly related to the course itself, were used during the course, and could be used to track my own development by comparing my work before and after the course.

The other wow factor is how the practical session was really practical and useful. Today, everyone was given a chance to conduct a small teaching session for about 7 minutes. The session was recorded so that the person could also review it. It is my very first time ever doing so and despite the initial reservation of seeing a recording of myself, I have to say it is very useful to see my very self 'in action'. There are obviously good and bad things haha... The first good thing I noticed is that although I felt that I was stuttering and rushing through my delivery, my pace was actually okay. I watched my own video and I could follow it quite well. This was agreed by others too. Yay!! Haha... The other good thing was that I always thought I sound quite fierce and serious. I actually did not look or sound as fierce as I imagined and others thought I was quite friendly. Lol..

Sadly I am not perfect and I have more negatives than positives. I totally hate the way I moved my wrist. Bleah.. Very gay.. I better be more conscious about. No wonder my friends always teased me being sissy during school time wor... I also hate my face! My pimples are really beyond hope =X Of course noone would mention these things as my weaknesses and this is just me being vain. But I appreciate the session as I never realised that I used so much "so" and "lah!" for my presentation!! Waleaw... Aiyo.. that means my Singlish is very bad loo.. I guess that is another thing I have to watch out. In my preference to make things less informal and more light-hearted, I can be totally not formal and not appropriate for formal occasions.

Teaching is not as easy as I imagine but I think my passion still lies there. At my current state of disillusionment with the company, I can't help but think if I should follow my passion and be a lecturer or I should stay with my current job. I fear that jealousy and pride have driven me mad and obscured my own judgment. But I really feel that I am simply taken for granted. I am not boasting (because I am telling a fact) that not many with my qualification will choose to come to this company and yet my pay is not fantastic and my career progression is also not fantastic. It is not as if I am lazying around. I produce work and I keep being arrowed with so many things but I don't feel anything from the company to reciprocate that. I am quite sad to see my friends in other places already promoted earlier, get the chance to do higher studies etc. I can't clique well with my bosses and it seems that my career goal is not the same as the company. After this year's appraisal, I don't even expect that there is a chance for me to get funding for some further studies with this company.

No matter what I will have to wait and have about 1 year to think about this as currently I am bonded. Bond is like a promise and I don't like to break the bond even though there is a teaching opportunity offered to me if I am willing to give it a try. Things may not be as flowery as I imagine but I guess when I like the work (I am referring to teach), even if the other factors remain as shitty as my current condition, I will still feel better because I have some passion towards the work.. Should I just follow my passion and not try to think about things so much? Haiz.. I am bad when it comes to this kind of thing. I guess I have to pray about this daily and let God guide me.

Monday, August 10, 2015

SG50 Golden Jubilee

All the hype that began from the beginning of this year finally reached the climax yesterday and over the past weekend. It was unthinkable at the start of the year and it became a big surprise that 7 August was declared to be a special public holiday this year which made the past weekend a 'longer' weekend than expected. Of course for me it was just a long weekend thanks to my own stupidity of booking ticket for the wrong day.

SG50 seemed to be very happening with tonnes of activies and celebration, free MRT and bus rides, etc. I am sure it is once-in-a-lifetime experience. I decided to give it a miss also because I don't want to jostle with the crowd. Surprisingly though, as I was doing my last minute shopping last Friday, it was not as crowded as expected. Where did the people go?

I did not bring any luggage this time. I intended on bringing but I could not decide on what to bring home despite my room here is already very full and I still have more things to buy :( Sigh.. I still like many of my figurines and I have plans on my head to display them some day. Even if I am able to bring some, I will get the stress at home thinking how to arrange and store the items as well. Is it time to stop? Haiz...

I took Garuda Indonesia this time and it was my first time using terminal 3. Hmm.. it is not as exciting as terminal 1. I still prefer terminal 1 as I think there are more shops and eateries there. Perhaps it is only my feeling. Being used to bigger planes when I am taking AirFrance, it was underwhelming to take a smaller flight again. Bleah.. I will be flying to Japan with Garuda and I don't feel that exciting if the plane is like this. The in-flight entertainment is also not very good. To end all in a low note, the plane was parked at remote area and I had to take shuttle bus to reach the terminal building. Sian lo... By the way it was raining as the plane was descending and the turbulence reminded me of the Battlestar Galactica ride T_T Those moments of simply surrendering everything to God.

Usually I don't like a short trip home because I will feel very tired with all the journey. But I guess I feel very stressed recently and I just need to getaway from my routine. It was hard for me to decide but in the end I left behind my laptop. Yay!! Haha.. I was rushing through Kuroko no Basket Season 3 on Thursday evening and I was left with just 3 more episodes before my flight. It was not a wrong decision not to bring my laptop as I would not have time to watch at home. My Saturday evening was burnt to attend my aunt's birthday celebration, I slept through Sunday morning because of the tiredness, and I had to take photo for my visa application in the afternoon.

I am just back and surprisingly I did not feel as tired as expected. I have new thoughts over going home for long weekend and tadaaaa: I purchased tickets for 2016 Chinese New Year. Haha... That is like breaking another 'taboo' for me. I was doing exactly the same thing that I would be doing even if I were to spend the long weekend in Singapore but the family makes a difference and that's why nothing beats home and I still cannot consider Singapore home yet although I nearly spent half of my life here.

I hope they still celebrate SG51.. SG52... and so on for the following years. I don't mind having additional holiday and additional $500 every year. Lol..

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Masamune Asuka is popular high school student who is not only handsome, clever, but also the All Japan champion in kendo. However, beneath all of this, Asuka hides a secret that he loves girly things such as cooking, sewing, sweet food, shoujo manga, soft toys, etc. Conversely, Miyakozuka Ryo, who is recently transferred to Ginyuri High School, is a pretty young lady who is also skillful in martial arts but not in cooking or sewing. They instantly fall for each other but will their story be as rosy as those depicted in shoujo mangas?

My opinion:
Otomen is a Japanese boy who excels in both military and literary arts while hiding his girly hobbies, such as cooking and sewing, his girly way of thinking and and his skills to act as a real man. That is the definition of otomen provided in the live drama.

From the synopsis and the first few minutes of the first episode, I have high expectations that this is going to be a hilarious gender-bender comedy. Unfortunately, this potential is not realised as the story progresses more like a shoujo manga romance with funny scenes as fillers instead of the reverse. The thing is there is not enough "meat" to drive the romance plot. In fact, the story is kinda messy with plenty of sub-plots, such as Asuka and his estranged father, which do not get closure. Even the romance ends up very ambiguous with no couples being explicitly established. There is very little character development as the characters remain the same throughout the show.

The 12 episodes feel rather disjointed with every episode introducing different story with no main plot to connect everything together. The story ends quite abruptly with Ryo deciding to transfer school and the final climax is 'merely' whether the 2 main characters will be honest enough to admit their feelings towards each other. Meh! I was expecting Asuka's being otomen will be revealed and will be accepted by his friends and mother or something along that line. This may be predictable but at least it is something related to the title.

Masamune Asuka is played by Masaki Okada. I think he lacks the presence to be the lead character. Even when he is together with a group of the casts, he just does not have the aura as the lead. For a comedy, he is too serious but this works quite well for Otomen as some of the funny scenes are funny because the characters don't realise that they are being funny. Kaho, who plays Ryo, is very pretty. Kyaaa!! The picture up there does not do justice!! I am surprised that she is not that popular in the sense that she does not play in a lot of popular titles. Quite wasted as I think she plays even better than Masaki Okada, including those serious scenes which are meant to be funny.

While Asuka and Ryo's funny scenes are mostly because their straight faces and serious expressions while doing and saying funny things, the bulk of the comedy is done by the support characters. Funny scenes involving Isono are lame, funny scenes involving Tonomine and Oharida-senpai are pretty hilarious, but the best laughter comes from Tachibana.

My afterthoughts:
I am half otomen too okay! Lol.. I don't do martial arts but I can't cook or sew too. Haha.. I just enjoy reading shoujo manga, eating sweet food, and collecting cute collectibles. So ya, I can sort of relate to what the otomen in the story is going through, from the friends who don't approve and from fellow otomen who approve. But seriously, in real life, girls are pretty okay with otomen.

I missed buying the manga when it was released by Elex Media Komputindo. Before watching the dorama, I was prepared that I would be hooked and would be hunting for the manga after watching. Well, I dorama just kills whatever interest I initially had for the manga. Ooops..

I am actually quite shocked to realise that the last time I wrote about J-dramas was in 2013!! That means I did not watch any in 2014.. Omg.. What happened to my 2014 T_T I had no life..

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Costly carelessness

First it was with my air ticket for this coming long weekend. Usually I am never lucky when it comes to long weekend because it is always my turn to work on the Saturday. It will not be the case this time but I only realised it like 2 weeks ago. A lot of flights were fully booked or the prices were sky-high. I was so happy when I saw a good price with Garuda Indonesia. The happiness was shortlived. I was so excited that I actually bought the ticket for the WRONG DATE!! Grrr... Friday is holiday so the one I was looking for is Thursday evening flight and the one I booked was actually Friday evening! I could not reschedule as there were no more flights for Thursday evening and Friday morning. I was ready to give it a miss and reschedule the ticket for my December holiday. Sadly, since I bought a promo ticket, the return flight has to be within 7 days of departure. I am going home for 2 weeks in December so I have no choice but to suck up for this long weekend. 1 day wasted. Bleah..

Last week I saw that Justice League 6 comic was already available. I decided to delay buying as I foresee there would be a sale during National Day periods. I was so happy when the good news came earlier this week. Kinokuniya is having 20% sale from 1-5 August. Is it so? I was so damn excited and I did not read that the sale is only at the main store!! I went to Bugis to buy the book yesterday. I should realise something was amiss when I did not see any poster about the sale at the entrance. Sigh.. Not only I wasted the time and the transport fare to go to Bugis, I also wasted additional $5 for the potential additional 10% off if I read the advertisement carefully and bought at Takashimaya instead.

But perhaps the ultimate happened just now. As I was tidying up my room and re-arranging my toy display, I realised that my WDCC Aladdin is damaged!! When I checked the photos I took previously I realised that the damage was there right from the start and I did not realise it. FML! Not only I was very impatient and paid a bomb for it, I was so excited when it arrived that I did not even notice about the damage. It is too late to do anything about it now except to sulk.
That is a crack! Not paint line :(
At times like this, I feel like breaking everything and quit collecting things altogether.. Haiz...