Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Level up

In video games, once you gain enough experience, you will level up and your stats increase. In real life, it works slightly different, you have to gain enough experience first and show that your stats have increased to reach the next level a.k.a being promoted. As of 1 July, I am officially promoted. Yay!! I am happy that my increment is ~10%. I was ready to be disappointed with an increment <10 p="">

Performance bonus, however, is a different thing. The default rating is 'good' and above it there are 'very good', 'excellent', and 'outstanding'. I got the default rating last year which translated to 0.9 month performance bonus. I got 'excellent' this year and the performance bonus is only 1.3 month! I really don't think the extra 0.4 month is worth all the extra saigang for 1 year. No wonder so many people are happy with where they are and what they are doing. There is simply not enough incentive to work harder. Since to get promotion there is a minimum requirement of working for x years, I think I learn the trick: just slack for the first few years (since there is no point of working hard) and just chiong on the x'th year.

Do I feel any difference after getting promoted? Not really. I feel a bit more pressure to 'guard' my emotion. My weakness is my mood swings, my volatile emotional state, my impulsivity, etc. I accept this as it is the truth. This year's appraisal is also rather different. One of my colleagues broke down a few weeks ago and knowing how 'unstable' things were, the first thing my boss said was "Do you have anything that makes you frustrated working here?". Wow!! Hahaha.. That was like giving me a green light to complain. Surprising since last year I was told that I always like to complain, I am negative, bla bla bla. I did not argue last year but I defended myself this year. I accept that I am negative but I do not accept that it is considered as a weakness. Everything has pros and cons and it is very irritating when people are always saying positive things about something but forgetting the negatives. I bring up the negatives and that should not be considered a weakness. Boss thinks I improved this year but it is just because I decided to be more bo-chup and keep my mouth shut.

Sadly, unlike in video games, I don't think my stats up after leveling up is permanent. Haha...

I am tired.. I do not have the time.. But I still can blog.. while I am still procrastinating over writing an article for internal publication about my involvement in SEA Games. Bleah.. 

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