Saturday, July 25, 2015

House blessing

Before I begin, let me clarify that I don't have any house!! Haha.. The Church of the Holy Spirit has been having house visitation for the past 1 year. It is now at the final phase and the place where I stay is covered now. There were plenty of times strangers knocked at the door when my landlord/lady was not around and I did not open the door. It is not my house after all. Thus I thought we missed it.

I felt touched that my landlord/lady considered me as one of their family members. They asked me to come out of my room to talk to the pastor who came to visit as well as to take photo together. They never even mentioned that I was just merely renting a room there. The visit was purely for outreach and to get to know fellow Catholics in the neighborhood better. We did not talk about "please go to church, please join this and that, etc". At the end, there was a house blessing and the Father sprinked holy water around the house, including my room. It was quite embarrassing haha.. I hope the Father was not shocked seeing a boy room with pink walls and 1/4 of the bed covered with soft toys. And despite having a nice cross hanging on my desk, I have more 'ungodly' displays around. For example, I have 14 skeletons and a lady with angel-like wings on my desk. I am referring to my Virgo Shaka statue by Tsume and Valkyrie Profile Sculpture Arts statue. Lol.. Lucky my Final Fantasy Transcendent Artists collections are not displayed currently or there would be 5 more monsters around. It was quite a nice experience.

I finally managed to clear my backlog of work post-SEA Games and stress level finally comes down. I am very glad to say that my dream of visiting Japan is finally coming true. A friend in Jakarta is planning to tender resignation in August and he asked me if I wanted to go Japan with him in September before he starts his new job. Hoho.. As someone who is lazy to plan for itinerary etc, to travel somewhere with someone who has been there before is definitely very appealing. We also share common liking in Japanese culture. Interestingly, he is actually not a close friend when we were in junior high school. At most our interactions were around anime/manga/game topics. Interesting right? I will keep the planning about Japan on another day.

There is a new eatery at Takashimaya called Patties & Wiches. I just ate there and apparently it was just opened yesterday. There is a famous Japanese chef being cited but I did not really take note of the name. I spent $40 just for an avocado beef burger and Matcha shake. I really think they were overpriced. I guess I paid for the ambience. A lot of the staff are Japanese so it got me quite excited with the anticipation of my Japan trip soon. Hehe.. The beef patty itself is quite unique because if was like a grilled beef steak and it was medium (or medium rare?) with the center still red and quite juicy. The avocado is literally a few slices of avocado placed above the beef. The taste does not fuse at all. I thought the bread was also rather cheap. I will not recommend it to foodie. But I just got my bonus and I took it as a treat for myself. After all, there were no other available restaurants haha..

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