Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What the phish

My head hurts when thinking about money. I nearly became a phishing victim on the very night I was 'drunk'. I have to thank God that somehow I thought twice before entering my credit card details after stupidly giving away my other personal information (name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, password, e-mail, etc). The fear of getting my account hacked and losing all the hard-earned money was nerve wrecking. Unfortunately I could not change my name, address, phone numbers, and date of birth. I could only scrambled and mixed around my password and e-mail login accounts. I was on the fence but decided to cancel my credit cards as well.

Talking about the cancelled cards, the bank sent me the replacement cards within 1 week. When the monthly statement arrived, the points earned using the cancelled cards were not calculated. That is ironic considering the amount they charge me is correct. As usual, when it comes to taking people's money, finance people will never get it wrong but when it comes to giving rewards, shit like this is bound to occur if the customers are gullible.

My irritation increased further today when I realised that the bank revised the reward points system as of 1 June 2015. Yea.. how awesome it is to put a notice in the website AFTER the revision instead of notifying customers BEFORE doing the revision. Obviously the revision is always going for worse. The free waiver of my cards is expiring in 2-3 months and all along I have been thinking to use all my points to redeem the cash rewards just before they deny future fee waivers which simply mean I am going to cancel my cards. It used to take 28000 points to get $100 cash rewards to offset my bills. The bank increased it to 32000 points. That is $4000 difference in spending which is bloody fucking shit. In my anger, I was almost redeem all my points for $10 Watsons vouchers but I remembered that they would send 1 mailer for 1 voucher. If I redeem everything today, when all the vouchers come, my mail box will not even be sufficient. With this revision, I basically lose almost $100 of cash rewards. Again, I cannot do anything except for feeling upset and anger. This sly cunning bank is Standard Chartered Bank.

I honestly feel like immediately cancelling the cards and bring my money elsewhere. But so far, only these cards had actually given me some rewards. I got 2x Gold Class tickets during last year's GSS (can't remember what the promotion mechanism was back then), 1x Soda machine during last year's Christmas promotion (ironically due to my surgery), and I have a very high chance to getting a pair of air tickets this year due to my dad's hospitalisation bills.

Aiyah sian sian sian lah... I have yet to consolidate my June expenses but things do not look so good from my records in the handphone app T_T