Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New bag: FX creations

Working on Sundays just don't cut it for me. My bag was torn on my journey to work on last Sunday :( That was a week after my shoes broke on the Sunday before that. Sian.. I felt so emo and upset about it. Bleah.. But to be on the positive side, I had to be happy because this was a free bag. I decided to get this free bag because my previous bag broke. Thus, this free bag bought me 3 months.

This is really record-breaking for me as previously my bags always lasted for years. My very first Converse bag lasted about 4 years for me. It was replaced with a Nike bag which lasted about 3 years and then followed by another Converse bag which lasted almost 3 years. All were comparable as their prices were in the range of $50-60. The free Skechers bag was cited to worth $59 so I expected a similar quality. Not sure if the brand is not good or I get a defective item. I had more items to carry in my studying days (notes, files, lab coats, umbrellas, water bottles) as compared to now (umbrellas, water bottles, keys) so I don't think the problem is with me.
I like the green colour and the shape is quite stylish too
I was torn between getting another Converse bag or to utilise my $50 Robinsons voucher. It is not easy to find an affordable and yet a like-able bag. I am just very picky: I want plenty of pockets/compartments, a size that can fit A4 files/folders, and the most important factor will be durability. I saw some pretty good leather bags from Robinsons at the Heeren yesterday but I thought they would make me look too old. It is not something desirable when I use the bags on weekends. Haha.. I also dislike those bags with handles to carry. I don't think I can pull it off. Haha.. I am not those young rich executive and I prefer to have my hands free.

Today I went to the Robinsons and Raffles City and surprisingly the range of items are quite different from the Heeren. At the Heeren, I saw some Picard bags discounted to ~$150ish.. Not too bad to pay $100 after the voucher. Hmm.. the Picard bags at Raffles City are more 'atas' and those laptop bag-style. The only one that sorts of meet my criteria is from a brand that I never come across before: FX creations. The price is $86 and after 10% discount and my voucher, I only forked out $27.40. Hehe... Apparently the company is based in Hong Kong so I am not sure about the quality. I was happy when I googled some review and there were people saying that their bags could last 3-4 years.. Hmm.. I hope mine can last that long too.
Can't see the engraving of the brand
I think this is quite a good catch for today. This is the only one that fits most of my criteria, except for the lack of compartments. I hope that this will be durable.

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