Sunday, June 21, 2015

Asian flush

I am not a fan of alcoholic drinks because of my weak gastric and I turn red relatively easy. However, there is one particular sake that I like since 2010. I found a similar one with a peach flavor that I immediately bought. Usually I would only drink 2-3 sips and 1 bottle would last me at least 1 week. But I was very down due to the stress last week and I finished 1 bottle at one go. It did not cause me any nausea or vomiting but it made me realise that I had quite bad Asian flush and rashes appeared all over my body. There was no itch whatsover just that they looked kinda gross. I thought the flush would only affect my face but since the rashes were all over, I guess I really lack the enzymes.

My ex-roommate in secondary school who is now living in Canada is here this weekend and I met him yesterday. The last time we met was in 2007 when we collected our A level results. Wew.. that was 8 years already. He wanted to eat chicken rice at the Big Bird at Balmoral Plaza. I had never heard of that place before and I dislike chicken rice but I decided to be a gracious host and just followed. Haha... After that I accompanied him to the Gardens by the Bay.

It was great catching up with him and be able to speak like the good old days despite long years of not keeping in touch. I thought he would be much better off than me over there but I think different places have their own challenges. In the end, we realise that despite living half world apart, our problems are the same: our incomes are not enough to get a house. Haha.. His dad is also similar to mine for not wiling to fund our housing T_T My friend, however, is one step further than me. I do not want to find a girlfriend before I am sure that I will be able to support my future family. My friend is going to ask permission from his future parents-in-law to propose to their daughter. That is the reason why he is flying here at this time. Oh mianz.. how about me...

After meeting him, I went to Expo to see the Chara-Expo. I did not know that they closed at 6pm. Damn it!! Wasted my time to go.. I went again this morning. Its facebook page mentioned that they opened at 930am instead of the advertised 1000am. I reached there at about 920am and I asked the lady at ticket counter about the opening time. She told me 930am and they actually opened the door at 100am on that day. Bleah.. I could have gone to eat breakfast first instead of joining the already super duper long queue there.

The event itself was quite disappointing. Perhaps I am too old to attend this kind of thing as I don't really follow the latest anime etc. But then, it seems that the crowd was mostly younger kids who came to play the card games. A lot of the exhibition booths were empty and I thought it was quite poor thing for the exhibitors. The shops were also bluffing people. Put $2 voucher in the goodie bag but jacked up the prices by over $6 as compared to their physical shop in town.

Thank God for the nice meal at Egg and Berries to end the crappy morning :)

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