Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sick and tired

Not enough rest.. stress.. physical work.. all of this finally took a toll on my body. I have been having runny nose and sore throat since 3 days ago and I was not getting better that I had to resort to take medicines. I did not have enough rest after my Batam trip and things worsened with doing morning shift for this week. Wew..

The Games Medical Centre for 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 will operate from next Sunday onwards and the preparation is at the peak and most gruelling stage both physically and mentally. After the stress to see if all the things would arrive on time on either Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday was the day of final meeting and moving of the furnitures. Thursday was the day I got the drug bin labels ready and Friday was the day of IT setup and the deadline of the summary of information for my pharmacy team. Fridge just arrived on Friday and I have not checked if the temperature monitoring system is alright. IT set up also did not run smoothly and I have to go back to settle it next Monday. Next Tuesday will be the arrival of the drug stock and next Friday will be mock training for everyone. Rrraaah!! The only good thing I can think about to keep me going is that I can be away from clinic for many days.

My landlady said that this week was the last week she could borrow her friend's maid who was currently overseas. She moved my things to the other room without my permission. Gosh!! I was upset and angry as I was worried that any of my fragile collection would break. I have yet to check every box for any damage as I am very tired. No comment on my new room so far as I have yet to see daylight here. My major concern is if the sun shines to my display cabinet and will affect my toy collections. But imagine, after moving heavy furnitures on Wednesday, in the evening I had to move my own things to my new room. Haiz..

I have decided to do away with my acne medications. I have been using them for almost 2 years without any visible improvement. I am turning to my female colleagues for advice. I am desperate enough to even try products recommended by them such as this Naruko Tea Tree Purifying Clay Mask & Cleanser in 1. It costs me $16 per bottle and this is the most expensive facial cleanser I have ever tried. Previously I was using Acnes brand and since I bought them from Indonesia, it costs me only $2 or $3 per bottle. I have been using body soap as face soap since I was a child. That is what my mum told me. According to my colleagues, body soap should not be used as face soap. What the heck!! Of course the rebellious part of me argues that I had been doing this since birth but my acne only started to get worse in the past 2 years. But it seems that I am out of choice and have to follow their advice.

Just finished clinic team building event this evening and an archived photo of a zoom in of my face from 2012 was shown. Everyone was telling me that it was an evident of how bad my acne is now as compared to last time. Oh well.. I wish I knew what went wrong in the past 2+ years.. 

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