Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron exhibition

I am feeling quite emo today. I wanted to take leave because my extended family was transiting here in the morning after their Japan trip ended. My leave was not granted :( I wanted to arrange the drug delivery yesterday and asked my fellow colleagues to help. I sort of got the hint when boss replied that delivery would be better today when the volunteers would be around. Haiz.. I was still hoping that I could settle everything early so that I could take time off but delivery came late. So yeah I basically missed the chance.

The result of my CPPP second presentation was announced today. I was quite disappointed because I thought I did better than my first presentation and I was expecting a better score. I got the same score. In fact, if I see the decimals, my score is even lower. Wew...

As a consolation, the Avengers exhibition, which was at Vivocity a few weeks ago, is not at Kallang Wave Mall. I went to see the exhibition at Vivocity and I was disappointed because it was not as grand as my expectation and there were too many people to take photos. There were less people this time around so I could take photos. Unfortunately I was too shy to ask the volunteers to help me take my solo pictures. Lol.. As a bonus, the Hulkbuster is also here! Woosh!
I prefer the arrangement at Vivocity: all in one straight line
Did not see him at Vivocity

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