Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The excitement from getting $88 from POSB Chinese New Year promotion was short-lived. I lost another $50 this morning. Call me an idiot if you wish. I lost $250 last week but it looks like being nice is equal to being stupid. I learnt to lock my drawer but I still did not lock my room when I shower. I thought the thief would not strike back so quickly. Although the proof remains 'weak', today I am very confident that my housemate is the thief. I had only $6 in my wallet yesterday and thus I withdrew another $100 in the evening. This time there is NO WAY I could drop it or I remembered wrongly. After withdrawing the money, I went home and I did not buy anything else. After showering this morning, I realised that he was already awake. The first thing I did was to check my wallet and my feeling was true: a note of $50 disappeared.

I informed my landlady and I am grateful that she finally decided to kick him out. I have to be careful and patient for another 1 month. Sigh.. To look it in a more positive light, it cost me $300 to get rid of him from the house. $300 is close to 10% of my monthly pay and it hurts. I was even considering making a police report or get police to find fingerprint evidence etc.

A part of me feels that it is my own stupidity. If I already suspect there is a thief, why did I not lock my room when I went to shower? Haiz.. Another part of me does not want to leave in suspicion and negativity. In the previous house for 2 years, I also did not lock my room when I went to toilet. Sometimes I did not even close the door properly and the wind would blow it open, yet I never lost anything. The thief stayed on the first level in the other hose. Now in this flat, we are all on the same level so it had to be him. Coincidences cannot happen every week that I always lose something every time he is already up when I am still in the toilet.

The more I think about this, the more I upset I become. I know I have to let it go and just count my blessings instead of dwelling in my misfortune. After all, everything belongs to God. What He gives, He can take it away..

Haiz.. Okay I shall try to be more positive. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday that someone actually complimented this FON (aka me) for being friendly and helpful. LMAO! FON is our code for full of nonsense or unreasonable customers. It was a huge surprise because generally I am very impatient, curt, and maintain a black face at work, especially towards rude + racist Mandarin-only speakers. Of course when someone is very nice and friendly, I will also reciprocate them but usually they are the minority. I think this is my first compliment in 3 over years. Haha.. The last time I had any compliment was during my training days when I was at retail. That was looong time ago when I was still young, fresh, and "passionate" with what I am doing.

Today someone asked for my name and I hope she wrote something good about me. Haha.. Shameless mode one. I have to thank God for what happened today. She was in a hurry because she had to go somewhere else. She curtly told me to just put all the medicines in the bag and no need to say anything. Bleah.. I feel very irritated with this kind of people. So I just showed each medicines and since she nodded for each of them, I thought everything was okay. As she was making payment, I don't know why I was prompted to check for any hospital record. Tadaaaa... There was a recent hospital visit and there were drastic changes to the medicines. I spoke to her again and I think she realised how close the danger from all the different medicines were and she agreed to wait for me to contact the doctor and repack the medicines accordingly. She even said sorry for being in a hurry earlier. I was quite 'shy' but I was glad that I told her that the credit was not mine but God's. Usually when someone refuses counselling and acts as if they know everything, I will also not do any further checks. I don't know why today I did it. She shared that she was in hurry to see her husband who had lung cancer and liver cirrhosis. It is quite sad considering her husband does not smoke and does not drink. When she heard my surname, she was quite 'shocked' as it is the same as her husband's.

Anyway heck about compliments! I am just glad that I am able to make an impact in someone's life and thank God for that.

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