Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just within a week of my break at home, I already fell into another bout of depression. Work is getting from worst to terrible. I am getting sick of covering other people's backside while noone covers mine. When people are away, I am supposed to temporarily take over their duties. So what about my own duties? They take a back seat and I have to do at home. That is like working for the whole day except when I am sleeping. When I am away, I still have to do my own duties. Life sucks. Life is unfair. Bleah..

Thinking about this just makes me more emo. I want to leave my current job. But I don't know what choice I have. Where can I find greener grass? Can I be sure that greener grass does not come with shittier fertiliser? Sigh..

To make things worst, I just lost an opportunity to purchase my holy grail: Aladdin Capodimonte figure for very cheap. I posted this 2 years ago and until now I am still waiting for an opportunity to get this. 1 auction started with $195 and eventually ended with just $202.50. Other prices on eBay currently is $1300-$1800. Haiz... Sadly this seller only shipped to US. I asked if he is willing to ship internationally by eBay Global Shipping Programme. He said shipping would be $300 by USPS. I was contemplating whether to get since the total would still only be 1/3 of what the others are charging. But if shipping is by USPS, I had to fetch such a big and heavy thing from customs office and that is something good. I also don't have the space for such a big piece. So the next emo-ness goes to my parents who up to now still does not want to get me a house here. I know it does not gonna help with anything. I prayed that the piece would remain unsold but obviously that did not happen. Sad...

FML FML FML.. that's what I am feeling right now :(

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