Monday, April 13, 2015


My bubble tea abstinence ended on my birthday! How ironic! Haha.. I honestly have no idea where to celebrate my birthday as I am no longer familiar with my hometown. I am fine with anything anywhere as long it is the latest happening thing in Jakarta at the moment. Lol. I still want to keep up with latest development although I don't live here anymore. My sister told me about Fook Yew restaurant which as alcoholic bubble tea.

Regardless what Fook and Yew mean in the Chinese dialect, I am pretty sure the name is chosen just to make it rhyme with Fuck You. Haha... It works in Indonesia but I dare someone to open a branch in an English speaking country. I am not a fan of Chinese food but I have to say that the food here is quite unique in a good way. It is not the typical Chinese fine dining type of food. Moving on to the alcoholic bubble tea, I decided to buy a drink which contains gin. It was my first time and I could not taste any alcohol in my mouth. Initially, I was doubting myself if the drink had alcohol. A few minutes later, I felt the warmth on my back and the dizziness. Looks like I have found myself a new favourite alcohol. Haha.. I dislike alcohol because of: gastric, dizziness, flushing, warmth, and dry mouth. This gin does not cause me the flushing and the dry mouth so it is good. Now I know that the next time I want to get a non-drinker to drink, gin will be a good choice.

I am quite happy that my mum shared my birthday luck by winning a luck draw of a return air ticket from Jakarta - Bangkok - Phuket. She bought ruby earrings from the Thai fair and got 12 lucky draw entries. Hmm, that is like getting the earrings for free. Lol.. Anyway, I have been to Bangkok so I am not interested to accompany her.

Half of my holiday is gone :( I have not really done the work things that I brought home. Because my maid is not around, I have to waste time doing my laundry and my dishes. Haiz... I have yet to tidy up my comics and toy collections which definitely will make me more angsty as I have nowhere to keep them in order. Last but not least, one of the new acne cream that I got has tretinoin in it. It triggers the initial acne breakout as one of the side effects and I really cannot stand my own face :( I don't know what is going on with me. My acne had always been in control until the last 2 years.. Is this a punishment for calling other people ugly or teasing my friends who had acne previously??


sabaku_lotus said...

Happy late birthday! Don't feel old because I'm turning 29 myself lol.

darkrose said...

Thanks for the birthday wish :D