Saturday, April 11, 2015

Getting old

This week had been too tiring and stressful for me that my pimples broke out quite severely again. Bleah.. I think I am getting too old that my body cannot handle this level of tiredness and stress anymore. When I was in secondary school up to university, my level of stress and tiredness was worse than now but my pimples never gave me such a great problem. Want to blame it on hormone but I think my hormone was raging more in my teenage days than nowadays. I have stayed away 100% from fast food and bubble tea for since January. I failed in the last few weeks in terms of potato chips but I managed to stay away from Starbucks during Lent. I really think my pimples are affected by my stress.

My CP3 presentation on Monday went quite badly. I smiled and shook my head for most of the questions. It was quite useless to study. I chose to lodge my topic under infectious disease so I was nearly breaking down trying to remember various antibiotics, their mechanisms of action, their antibacterial coverage, renal dose adjustment bla bla bla. I did not have time to read on the other topics and the examiners were more interested in the other topics. Haiz.. I think it was definitely a failure unless they moderate the marks. To make things worse, the whole thing was overrun. Q & A was supposed to be 10 minutes and it became at least 30 minutes. That times 5 candidates. I was so agitated and eager to leave as I had dinner appointment. It was meant to be a farewell dinner for 2 of my juniors who left the company :'( I got a surprise that they also celebrated my birthday. Lol.. I am touched.

After doubting whether it was a right thing to do to fork out another $50 to change my flight, I think it was worth it. Haha.. I did not even have the time to properly pack my luggage. I was still packing my luggage when the taxi was already waiting for me. As much as I want to save my leave for travelling next year, I was so tired that I did not want any additional stress for an audit on Friday or running clinic on Thursday. Having said that, I think this short break is not a full break as I have to catch up on the work-related things that I am unable to clear during normal working hours.

I renewed my driving license yesterday. Ironically I had to take public transport to go to the place and to go home. Yeah I can't drive. It has been many years since the last time I took bajaj so it was a trip down to memory lane. Now the blue bajaj is much more comfortable: bigger and less noise than the old red bajaj that I used to take to go for my tuition. Oops that was like almost 15 years ago. Haha...

I went for my skin consultation again today. I was offered some injection to quickly bring down the acne but as long as it does not prevent future occurrence, I don't want any invasive or expensive procedures. It is not as if I am a model or I need to have my wedding that I need to have a perfect complexion right now. However, I decided to take the prescription for Roaccutane. I am still not sure if I want to take that because again, no point of taking such a strong medicine with lots of side effects for the whole body just for my face. I still have 2 more exams coming up so I shall see how things go after that. Hopefully the stronger creams that I was prescribed with today would help.

I also had a bit of wardrobe makeover today. I wanted to get just ONE new shirt for work because I am thinking of getting rid of my greyish/black shirt which is already a bit too tight and has no pocket. Being a stingy person, I refuse to spend more than Rp 150000 for a shirt. Well, I found a "buy 2 get 1 free" promotion so I ended up with 3 new shirts for Rp 330000 in total. What a great bargain! I decided to just bite the bullet and get slim fit as I hope it will ensure that I control my diet or risk myself looking like a sack of rice in them. Lol. I am still thinking about the green and pink shirts but the materials are too thin. I am very self conscious and I don't my nipples to be visible through the shirt.

I will be 28 years old in a few minutes time so I am indeed getting old...

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