Sunday, March 29, 2015

This week proves that I have a terrible luck when it comes to queueing. I mentioned about the queue for LKY lying in state yesterday. On Wednesday, I went for Penitential service. I chose a wrong queue which was only served by 1 priest. There was another queue which moved faster because it was being served by 3 priests. I changed queue at the last minute which was not exactly helpful because I was still the last few to remain in the church.

My last confession was 2 years ago and I was looking forward to a good one this year. Obviously that did not happen as I was very irritated about the queue. My irritation was especially towards the wardens. I really have no idea what they were doing. If they had brains, they should realise 1 queue was moving very slowly as compared to the other because they were served by different number of priests. They should do something to even up. That just reinforced my impression that these church volunteers are usually stupid, incapable people who are just there for pride and glory. Idiots! Yes, I left the confession with such thoughts and it was as good as not confessing. Having said that, it is shame of me for saying and having such thoughts. If I really feel that I am better than them, then I should be volunteering my service to church. But nope, that is not going to happen because church people are weird.

Although I have "returned" to church this year, I have not fully returned. In fact for this Lenten, I did not observe any fast or abstinence at all. I see no point in fasting when I am on diet and I only have 1 full meal a day. I don't think I can survive cutting that down. I intended on abstaining from my toy online shopping which obviously did not happen. It was not even possible for me not to open those toy websites for this 40 days. Shame on me! Haiz.. With holy week coming ahead, I don't know if I will have a meaningful Easter this year.

It was pouring heavily this afternoon when LKY's body was brought from the Parliament House to the University Cultural Centre for the state funeral. I am not being a superstitious but usually the passing of great person always coincides with heavy rain. This trend at least happens once a year at every Good Friday around 3pm. That is the historical time when Jesus died on the cross. I had spent Good Friday both in Jakarta and in Singapore and regardless of the geographical location, it always rains. Anyway, I am glad that I went to the Parliament House yesterday. If I planned to pay my last respect by lining on the street today, I would end up not doing so because of the rain. I am still sad that I no longer worked at UCC but I am thankful for the live streaming. There is only 1 thing missing today: I could not hear the sirens from my place!! If there is any national emergency, I guess I will be the first to die!

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