Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Expensive lesson

I just lost another $250 in cash. I do not want to accuse the other tenant in my house for doing it as I think it is crazy for him to come inside my room when I am showering. But this is not the first time. The first time, I lost $100 in cash from my wallet inside my bag. Since it was in my wallet, I doubted myself. Was it really lost? Could I have accidentally dropped it outside? Thus I decided to let it go and keep extra cash in my drawer instead. Looks like now $250 is the price I have to pay to learn to lock my drawer when I am not in the room.

This time, I am very sure that my $250 went missing. On Sunday night, I was looking through and throwing my old receipts. I usually keep some receipts until the points for the purchase are credited to my account. As a habit, I always rip all paper that I throw into small pieces, so there is no way I could accidentally be tearing apart 5 pieces of $50 note. I remembered counting the cash and told myself to take 1 piece when I went to collect one of my toys.

Sadly yesterday I was too tired. I took out my alarm handphone from the same drawer but I did not check or see if the cash was still there. I woke up from my nap and took a shower at 12am. Yesterday night, the other tenant happened to be awake still. Same thing as this morning when I took a shower. When I wanted to take a $50 note this morning, I realised that they were all gone.

I sort of getting nudging from the Heavens last night which I chose to ignore. I got the "urge" to prepare the cash for the toy payment last night but I was too tired and decided that I could do that in the morning instead. The "urge" came a few times. Another "urge" was to check for my iBanking status. My iBanking device was just beneath the cash and the receipts in my drawer. Again I chose to ignore that thinking that I might as well check all my bank accounts on the 25th after my payday.

This morning I was so upset and emo about this. Surprisingly, I am feeling much better right now. $250 is not a lot. But I still do not want to accuse anybody. I still think that it is unthinkable and crazy for the other tenant to enter my room when I am in the toilet. There is no proof that he did that. There is no explanation about my missing cash. I can only accept and suck it up.


Gau Miin Ang said...

Being nosy here. But you can try setup a scenario and "bait" your suspect. At least you will be able to confirm your suspicion.

darkrose said...

There is no need set up as there is no other suspect or explanation on how money can disappear on its own.

Anyway my landlord has decided to kick him out of the house and tomorrow is the last day.