Saturday, March 21, 2015

Budget busted

I read an article shared on facebook that 1 thing that people should do in their 30s (I am not there yet) so that they don't regret in the future is to travel with their parents while they are still healthy and strong enough to travel. As much as I want to do that very often, I feel that I don't have the patience and energy to face family quarrel and conflict daily during travel. Sigh.. my family came to Singapore over the last weekend.

As expected, there were quarrels because people were too selfish and only thought about themselves. Food was an issue as my dad and elder sister die die also wanted to look for rice. I hate people asking me for food recommendation when obviously my taste is way beyond theirs. Quarrels over shopping also happened. My mum had a bad habit of black facing when others were shopping but all her tiredness would disappear when it was her turn to shop. But obviously I don't want to travel with my elder sister. She is not only problematic about food, she also does not like to walk, gets tired easily, and basically only wants to do or go whatever she feels like doing.

I was upset that in the end my dad refused to bring back the soda maker I won from Standard Chartered Bank. He mentioned that the machine came with CO2 tank and noone sells it in Jakarta so no point of bringing it over because after we use finish the CO2, the machine will be useless. Haiz... I am giving it to my cousin here and I am glad to hear that likely her dad will be happy to play with it. At least it will not be wasted. I also wanted to use $100 Sentosa Voucher that I won to eat something good and expensive. Again it was not used because of the troublesome people over food :( Since the vouchers were expiring on the 27th March, I just used all of them in Universal Studios souvenir shop. Bleah.. the things are so bad that it was difficult to spend $100. I had to force my parents to get a pair of ugly looking polo for $50 and I spent the other $50 over rubbish such as the replica of the revolving Universal globe and a mug. Wasted wasted wasted... If only this is a Disneyland voucher, it will not be a problem to even spend $1000 :p

Accompanying my sister shopping resulted in me buying things which I initially did not know about. T_T First, I bought Nyanko sensei and Kuro nyanko plushies from Natsume Yuujincho that I am currently watching. They are quite big that I can't fit them into the largest ziploc bag available. I usually put my plushies into ziplog bags to prevent dust. Less space for me on bed but as long as it makes me happier, it is a good trade off. As other prize figures, they are $36 each.
I prefer opened eyes for Nyanko Sensei as well
My new sleep mates :)
I did not know that there was a Japanese toy fair at Takashimaya. After waiting and hoping for a sale for 1 year, I decided not to wait any longer and just buy Figuarts Zero Atsushi Murasakibara. He is the only one from the whole set that I don't have. It is very pricey at $40 but since I want to utilise my $10 voucher, I decided to just bite the bullet. Bandai.. Bandai.. your quality is really damn shit. The paint job is even worse than some prize figures. But again, it was too late. I already had the rest of the cast so might as well get this to complete.
After 3 months of waiting, finally Kinokuniya 20% Members Sale is here. Hahaha.. The sale 2 weeks ago was only for Main Store so I did not want to buy those items available in Bugis since I can earn Capitastar at Bugis. I bought 2 Kuroshitsuji books and 1 Free! Eternal Summer. And talking about Free!, I am quite pissed with Kinokuniya. Kyoani often release exclusive Free! artbooks. Last year when I pre-ordered from Japan (which cost me a bomb because of the proxy fees), Kinokuniya brought in these exclusive books. I thought they would continue do that for subsequent exclusives and I did not pre-order from Japan again. Guess what, when I did not pre-order, Kinokuniya also did not bring in! Damn it. I have to hunt at secondary markets which usually have inflated prices.. Don't even talk about proxy fees which will inflate the prices even more.
This is the spread front and back covers. The book is still A4 in size.
Lastly, thank goodness for the reprint of Cardcaptor Sakura's Clow Card book. I missed the January print and I did a special order at Kinokuniya. I was surprised that they arrived quite quickly and then I realised it was because they were getting the reprint in March. The price was about $5 more than the January one because of exchange rates perhaps. And lucky that this week also the members sale so I can still get 20% discount for this. If only Kinokuniya sale happened last week, I could send all these books to Jakarta via my family also. Haiz.. Now I have to carry heavy luggage this April.

I stopped following Ayumi Hamasaki for a few years already but I could not help but curious when my friend shared her new song The GIFT which featured JJ Lin. My first thought was: what the heck he was doing! After watching the PV, I was like: how come he did not sing but only played the piano? Any guy could have played the piano. He was actually the composer =x Lol.. Haha.. Well, I have to give him credits because this song is quite awesome, not the generic J-pop/J-rock type that usually I avoid.
I think I can use this song as my wedding song. Haha.. That is provided I can find a bride as pretty as Ayu.

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