Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

Happy New Year 2015!! I'm know I'm late. Lol.. I am usually 'high' when it is near Christmas and New Year but this time, everything took a back seat because of my surgery. Although there is a 1.5 weeks delay, I still must do what I usually do at year end and new year: looking back at the past year and my hopes for the coming year.

Considering health aside, I have to say 2014 was a year full of blessings for me. Work is always stressful but I am glad that I had the opportunities to do external things like being involved in Singapore Pharmacy congress and SEA Games 2015 planning. Despite the disappointment in the previous year, I felt very blessed that my decision to continue with the project paid off with winning the first Sustainability Award for my company. I really did not expect that and it was a huge relief, pride, and happiness that my hard work was greatly paid off. Near the end of the year, I was offered to do a clinical training. I am not interested in clinical things and I know that no way I will pass the interview even if I want. But now, the chance was offered in front of me and I decided to take the challenge. I also "broke" my limit by performing/dancing at company's D&D. Dancing is not something that I will ever consider but I did it although until now I still don't dare to watch the video. Haha..

I was a lot less anti-social in 2014. I went to Bintan, I went cycling, I participated in Spongebob Charity Walk, and a few outings with old friends who came to Singapore.

Now comes the bad part. Something is actually worse than health: my spiritual life. I sort of stopped going to church for the past 6 months. Yep.. it is kinda ironic that when life is going smoothly, I will just forget about the One behind it all. I honestly think that the hernia thing was a red flag from God asking me to stop, look back, and return to Him. Although all seemed lost, I still have to be thankful that I decided to get a health insurance earlier this year. At least the surgery did not really cause me financial disaster.

Talking about money, I destroy myself financially with my own spending on toys etc. Every end of the year, I feel that I spend way too much. But when I really count all the dollars and cents, I discover that my spending increases exponentially year-by-year. Sigh.. I think I spent about double of my 2013 spending.

For 2015, my hope is just to be healthy and happy. Fuck work as working hard also does not result in me getting higher bonus or better performance review. So I might as well focus on my health and well-being first. I also want to cut down my spending and save up. I am literally running out of space so I will definitely be forced to stop buying. In fact I am already not pre-ordering several figures that I will definitely pre-order if I don't have any space issues.

I am trying to lead a healthy life and I vow to avoid fast food, junk food, and bubble teas for a start. I will limit Starbucks (high sugar drinks lol) to once a month too. Haha..

Lastly but most importantly, I hope I can get my faith back. My aim to pray 1 rosary a day already fails so I hope I can at least attend mass regularly again.

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