Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fresh start

January is (almost) over and I am proud to say that I am able to stay away from fast food, bubble tea, and potato chips for the whole month!! Yay!! It is not only to stay away but I was not tempted at all. Even LINE dolls promotion from McD fails to tempt me. I have to admit that I am quite tempted for the Valentine's dolls set though :p But I read news that McD allows customers to donate the food. Anyway I shall see how good the dolls are because I think the official dolls from LINE store are still better: more cotton. Haha..

2015 also becomes a fresh start for my money management. I have always been interested to sign up for OCBC 360 account since last year. I did not do so because I thought it was troublesome to ask my company to change my bank account. I was also sceptical about meeting the other 2 requirements: 3 bills per month and $400 spending per month. I did not want it to be an excuse for me to spend.

I am soo stupid. I always thought credit card payment to other bank will not count as bill payment and I assumed so. I was wrong. That means I can easily meet the 3 bills with my income tax, phone bill, and credit card payment. Dang! The worst is, after checking my spending for 2014, I spent >$400 on my credit cards every bloody month. So yes, I could have earn close to 3x of interest from what I received last year. That is very very sad. But I guess it is better late than never. Ironically, once I have this account, there is very few things that I want to buy which means it is going to be difficult to meet the $400 monthly spending now. Haha.. I have stopped pre-ordering toys, especially the big ones, as I am literally running out of space in my room. I shall be good and help my sisters or my mothers do their online shopping then. Haha..

Oops I forget that February is also CNY. I am waiting for Kinokuniya to have their member sales as there are a few books that I want to buy. I guess I will meet the $400 for February after all. Lol.. I hope I don't spend so much and I can remain away from fast food, bubble tea, and potato chips.

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