Monday, December 8, 2014

Post-op check up

I went to see the surgeon again this morning for removal of the stitches. The clinic was already very crowded and I did not have any chance to ask any questions. I was only told that everything was okay although my hole was rather huge. I had to return the operation video back as the doctor would like to use it for a presentation sometime in February. Sigh.. It had to be pretty uniquely bad. The doctor also informed me to lose weight (seriously!) as there was too much oil and fats beneath my abdomen. Haiz!! It is time to replace milk with yoghurt as advised.

I wanted to really know where exactly the mesh was placed and whether it could come off. I think it could come off but at least I would like to know what I could do or what I should avoid to minimise the chance of it coming off. I wanted to know the symptoms if the mesh came off. Of course my number one concern was still my right ball. It was not in a different condition from before the op. Sigh.. Was a mesh added to "protect" it? I can't help but wonder what is the additional layer surrounding the testicle. Haiz.. The good thing is that there is no pain and no bruising whatsoever.

Next follow up will be in 6 months time so meanwhile, I can only wait after 2 weeks if my right scrotum will revert back to pre-op condition.

After the check-up, I went to watch Big Hero 6. Wanted to watch it since beginning of November but I decided to wait until I could use the free movie tickets. It was a great show so I shall write about it tomorrow. Lol I know I still have yet to write anything about the Book of Life leh haha...

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