Monday, December 15, 2014

1 week after surgery

Before I am writing about my health, let me write about my flight back yesterday first. I will be spending some time home until early January next year. I guess the additional 1 week at home is the only positive thing that I can think about after the surgery. 

This time I took Airfrance. It was my first time taking a full service flight for Singapore-Jakarta trip after so many years. The last time I took a full service flight for a trip home was when carriers such as Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific still offered the route. It was pretty enjoyable right from the start. Since the plane was pretty big, the gate opened rather quickly and boarding was allowed not too long after that. I was quite lucky that the seat next to mine was empty too. Haha.. The seat was more comfortable than budget airlines and combined that with food, the 1-and-a-half-hour trip felt much shorter and less tiring. The food serving was pretty small but the quantity did not take away my enjoyment of having exotic food. The food served was: a Western bread with a cheese (or was it butter or margarine) that I never saw before, pasta + 2 slices of duck, and apple crumble. Taste-wise, they were pretty good too.

Thanks to my health I did not bring any luggage with me. There was a boon with that as my flight had to wait for available luggage conveyor belts. There were 3 flights that arrived before mine and by the time I exited, they were all still waiting for their luggages. If I had a luggage with me, I predicted another 1 hour to wait.

Okay let's go about my condition 1 week after the surgery. The pain on my tummy has very much improved. Getting up, lying down, and changing position on the bed are less painful now. My left and center are fine but my right side still feels abnormal. Sigh.. My hernia is on the right so I don't know if it will take longer to heal because more things were done there. Of course I can't stop myself to worry if something bad will happen on that side.

There is still no improvement with my right scrotum which gets me really really worried. I should have told and asked the doctor last Monday :( I really feel that there is an additional "layer of something" above the right testicle which was not there before the surgery. I am very concerned if it will affect my reproductive ability in the future. Sigh..

It was quite depressing to see that I walked more slowly than the elderly in the airport. I guess on the positive side, I should take things more slowly and I should have more patients with elderly. Basically I am still unable to walk quickly as I still felt some discomfort on my right side. I should not be walking or standing too long also as I would be "protecting" my right side and it placed burden on my left leg.

Some people say I am brave or I am strong to undergo a surgery. I don't know how to reply or feel when I hear such statement. It was painful, it was disturbing, it was affecting my reproductive ability and surgery was the only way out. I had NO choice but to for a surgery.

Haiz.. Life will not be the same after this. I still don't know if I will turn this into something positive or negative. It sucks.. But seriously, as of now, I rather to immediately die than having to go for a surgery and continue living in worry and pain :(

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