Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spongebob Charity Walk

I am half dead after waking up at 5 am today. Haha.. I am not a sporty person and I am not a fan of Spongebob so it was quite a feat that I said "Yes!" when my friends asked me to go for Spongebob Charity Walk. It was a 3.5km walk so I took it as a warm up before my 10km Standard Chartered Marathon Run in 2 weeks time.

It was the first mass event I joined so frankly, I did not know what to expect. The joining fee was $25 and the race pack had 1 t-shirt, 2 cup noodles, 1 box of cereal, various vouchers that I have no use of, and Kiehl's samples and ticket for free 15 minutes consultation. It is worth >$25 if you find any use of the vouchers. The t-shirt was rather disappointing: plain white with the picture above (minus the Spongy Charity Walk). Yes, the white letters took up so much space, more than Spongebob and Patrick themselves. Cup noodles also did not impress me. You want to have an event to promote health and well being but the goodie bag has instant noodles?? What???!!

According to the post-event news, there were about 600 participants. It did not feel that crowded. Haha.. My friends and I could still take pictures without any need to queue. I also could take pictures without random strangers on the background. Lol. Although I am not a fan of Spongebob, since I was already there, I might as well take photos with the various standees lo. Haha..

The walk itself had nothing special with only various Spongebob cut outs along the way. I was expecting things more happening. The climax became anti-climatic as the organisers were rather screwed up. We were grouped for the photo-taking with Spongebob and Patrick's mascots but we were grouped with strangers. WTF!! Bleah..

The medal is also rather disappointing. In the promotional picture, it is coloured but the actual one is not coloured. Bleah.. But I think it is still okay to keep as a "collection" lo. Haha.. At least I still get it and no need to fight (and did not get) like the Hello Kitty Run earlier this month. Lol.
After lunch at e-Hub! nearby, my friends forced me to waste time and money by watching Penguins of Madagascar. Jeez... I wanted to go home and rest already leh :( But I was kept hostage because I put my bag in a friend's car. I managed to skip temptation of using the $2 voucher (from the charity walk!) for ChaTime. Jiayou, myself!! No bubble tea until end of 2014 at least okay!

Usually I like to watch cartoon but I have no interest whatsoever after seeing the trailer for Penguins of Madagascar. It seems to be pure comedy without any meaningful story or plot whatsoever. None of the animals fall under cute category either.
The story is about an octopus who wants to take a revenge against all the penguins. The octopus is used to be the main attraction in a zoo before penguins are brought in and people are flocking to cute penguins. The octopus gets shipped to another zoo and the same scenario repeats. Now the octopus has created Medusa Serum to turn cute penguins into hideous monsters. The octopus kidnaps all the penguins in zoos across the world to do this. Only the 4 penguins of Madagascar and an organisation called North Wind can stop this evil scheme. 

The octopus is successful to turn all but 1 penguin called Private into hideous monsters. Private "sacrificed" himself to reverse the process using his cuteness "power". Seriously what the fxxx and he is not even cute or like-able or anything.

What a waste of $9.50 and my Sunday T_T

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