Sunday, November 2, 2014

D & D

The series of burnt weekends finally ended tonight with Dinner & Dance. It was my first time to experience a true D & D as I was both having dinner and dancing. I guess that is another item crossed out from my bucket list. I am not a dancer and I never imagine myself to be able to dance in public. Of course I don't dare to even watch the video as I think I would be embarrassing myself.

I did not want to go for this D & D for many reasons and I really regret going. Firstly, it was a waste of $60. One of my colleague is a member of the organising committee and she assured me that the food was okay. Well, the food sucked. Secondly, I was not excited with the retro theme. 1 good thing about performing was that I could just wear the dancing costume for the dinner. The rental cost me $50 although it would be reimbursed by the clinic. I had difficulty finding suitable costume and I just grabbed whatever I could find. The top was okay but the bell-bottom pants were too long for me. It was nothing fantastic and I was not eager with taking pictures whatsoever which was like defeating the purpose of going for such a social event.

Thirdly, my team lost! Ouch! We only got consolation prize which basically meant that we were lousy. It was quite disappointing as I thought we were not that bad. We deserved at least the 3rd prize or 2nd. Bleah.. I guess I am just kiasu. I already spent time to practice and hunt for the costume, forked out money for the costume, and embarrassed myself on stage so of course I wanted to win something la.

But the thing that made me upset the most was that I LOST MY EZLINK! Bloody fucking shit!! It still has $20+ value inside T_T I am sure it dropped during rehearsal. Sigh.. I hope whoever found it but did not return it to me will just get the karma.. Fuck fuck fuck la..

The only consolation I got was that I won a lucky draw prize #258 out of 400+ available prizes. I don't know what I got but I doubt that it would cover all the money I spent for this event. Sigh..

Trying the 60s clothes is quite an experience for me. The materials are very light and comfortable. Everything seems to be quite loose. Unfortunately, as I am used to the clothes nowadays like tight jeans etc, retro clothes feel like pajamas (in a good way). I don't have the confidence to wear them outside though. With them being loose, it does not provide enough support, especially for the butts and the crotch. Lol.. And 1 thing very unique about the 60s is that floral prints and neon colours are deemed masculine for men fashion. 

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