Monday, October 27, 2014


After 2 years of hard work, stress, negative emotions, black faces, and curses and bitching behind me, I am glad that everything is finally paid off as my project won the "Sustainability Award" today. Hooray!! I guess even my bosses knew how disappointed I was last year when the same project did not even win any award. I wanted to cry when the company nominated this project for sustainability award for this year as it meant that I had to prolong my agony for another year. I was like, "Is there a point continuing something for another year to hope for an award when it can't even win anything for this year's competition?".

Today I am very glad and I am very proud as I am the first one from the company to win this "Sustainability Award" :) I feel like a prick for saying the following but I really would like to thank the bitches who black-faced me when I asked for help for the data mining. Thanks to them I decided not to seek their help for the 2nd year of the project. It was a tiring and lonely journey but hey, now I don't need to share the credit. Yee haa.. And you suckers just lose an opportunity to boast something in your resume.

Perhaps I was too arrogant and too over-confident last year as everyone was saying good things about my project. After that failure, I did not hope much for this year. I was shabbily dressed and tadaaa.. I looked bad on photos. Haha.. I am pretty sure. Deep inside, I think I am a very shy person. Before announcing the result, the MC was giving a short synopsis of the winning project. The second I knew that it was mine, my heart was beating real fast. Yeah I was quite shy. Lol..

Anyway, the greatest glory goes to God as nothing is possible without Him. I would also like to thank the judges for judging that my project is worthy of winning this, the co-leader of the project and my colleagues (some of them are not even with the company anymore) who have directly or indirectly been involved with the execution of the project. Special thanks to my colleagues who had to work harder to cover me during the hours (which amounts to a few days in total) I spent in my computer during the data mining, report writing, and poster designing.

As I don't want to reveal my identity too much, that's all that I want to say. No more details haha.. 28 October is usually an emo day for me as that was the day when my parents dumped me here 12 years ago. Looks like this year gotta be a good one. I hope tomorrow will be a good day.

Lastly, I hope that God will keep me grounded and not to be arrogant just because of this. I know it is not going to be easy because pride/arrogance is one of my weaknesses.

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