Saturday, August 16, 2014

Swarovski Disney's Peter Pan and Title Plaque "Peter Pan"

Save the best for the last or rather save the most expensive for the last. Haha.. So this will be the last of my Peter Pan loots I bought a few months ago. They are 2 separate items and not a set. Truthfully, I know Swarovski has released Disney-related figurines from many years ago and I am never interested in buying because of the pointy edges. I guess it is difficult to cut crystals to a round or roundish shape. Or perhaps crystals have to be cut with pointy edges to give sparkles because otherwise they will just look like a glass figurine.

Resemblance to the original characters is another issue although the newer figurines (eg. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh) are much much better than the figures of these same characters released many years before. Peter Pan is a human whose features are obviously different from animal-based characters that Swarovski figurines are mostly about. Although this makes him unique, I am not too keen because of his facial features which are not very visible (the sculpt of the facial features are there but they are difficult to see because of light reflections) and that makes him feel less a figurine to me. 

Traditionally, Swarovski items are always colourless crystals but Peter Pan has green crystals (his clothes) and red crystal (the feather on his cap, belt, hilt of knife). This definitely caught my attention because I am used to colourless crystals. My mum actually collects some Swarovski figurines and her whole display detolf is all colourless/glass which I find very boring. Lol.

Anyway, let's start with the big guy first. He sits 10cm tall and his box measures 15cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 9.7cm (H). He also comes with the certificate. Below are the pictures. Honestly, I don't know what to say because there is nothing much to see. Furthermore, Swarovski is Swarovski so the quality is up-there. Lol.
The box, the figurine, and the certificate
Peter Pan
The title plaque is approximately 3.7cm (I don't know to describe this as height, or length, or what because the way the plaque stands) and it comes in a cylinder box (is there such a word? haha) measuring 8.4cm in diameter and 6.5cm in height.
No certificate :(
 I don't know how to display it nicely to show everything about it

360-degree view of both:

My room is quite dark and it is obviously not the best lighting condition to view gorgeous crystals. In fact, they look like glass figurines in the pictures above. My apologies.  

I guess I am buying this out of impulse "Since I am buying other Peter Pan items, I might as well get this and have a Peter Pan collection". You may also wonder why on earth I bought the title plaque. Although these are 2 separate figurines, I bought it as a set. Including the shipping, I paid only about USD 300 which I consider a very good bargain considering the retail price. I remember seeing this in local Swarovski showrooms for $500+.
Retail price USD 325
Retail price USD 60
There is another piece of Tinker Bell which I am still considering to buy or not to buy. Tinker Bell comes in 2 versions: regular (wearing green dress) and Christmas limited edition (wearing Santa's dress and hat). I want the Santa's version as I think the red colour will contrast well and look very nice with Peter Pan's green. However, the limited edition is at least 100 bucks more than the regular. Haiz.. I don't really like Tinker Bell because she is very irritating lol so I don't want to buy the regular one just for the sake of completion.

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