Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let it Go(d)

Nah.. I am not talking about a song from Frozen. It is more about what I brought home from today's homily. I still felt dazed today after yesterday's stock take ended at nearly 10pm! That was the longest stock take I ever experienced in the past 3 years. I was soo tempted to just skip mass today. Even after I overcome my laziness, I still felt lazy because I would be late. Thank goodness I decided to still attend although it was already the first reading when I arrived.

Today's reading was about the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. The priest opened the homily a story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She had nothing but she surrendered and trusted God with everything that she had. God multiplied her gifts and now her Missionaries of Charity is everywhere all over the world serving hundreds of thousands of people. It is really a real life evidence of how something "little" can be multiplied greatly in the hands of God.

I honestly have not overcome my anger and irritation over my appraisal two weeks ago. The homily today really struck me. Perhaps I have been blinded with pride. How I think my contribution is a lot or perhaps greater than others or perhaps I need to get recognition etc. It is time to let it go and let God take over again. Whatever happens in my life, everything should be according to God's plan. I should just have the mindset to do my best in whatever comes to life. Whatever the results and outcome are, I should just entrust them to God. On the flip side, it is very tiring to plan for my own life or to achieve my dreams. It is much easier to just leave everything to God and take everything that comes along as a blessing rather than my personal achievement.

Another thing that struck me quite hard is how the priest put people going to Mass as coming to God's house. When we go to our friend's house, we put our attention to the host. Ironically, when we go to house of God, we can't keep our attention to Him. We get distracted with our phones, we read the Catholic News or the bulletin, or worse, we fall asleep. The other example given is how we can keep our attention and not distracted for HOURS in movies or in theatres but we are unable to do the same just for an hour in Church. These things really make me think hard about my attitude when coming for Mass... Jeez...

By the way, for the past 1 month, I have been going to a new church: Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. There is a 1 PM mass which I think is a very good time to attend because I can eat my lunch/dinner after that and then go home. Since it is during lunch time, the mass is usually not full house so I don't need to squeeze with others. Haha.. Another plus point is that I see other solo mass go-ers too so I don't really feel weird to attend mass alone. Oooh inside is very cooling too and so far, I have yet to fall asleep for any of the mass I attended there.. Well, anything goes for a good mass.

I still have not run out of unusual things on Sundays. Today at Plaza Singapura, when I was looking at the usual toyshops, I actually saw one of the Cisco guy who usually does money collection from my office. I wanted to ask if it was really him but I decided not to since it would be so awkward if it was not him. Haha.. Let's see if I see him again at work this coming week, I will ask him if he was in Plaza Singapura today.

That video is what made me looking for toys again today. Since young I always like Digimon better than Pokemon. I still remembered how I went around to look for the last 2 VCD (yes, it was still VCD era) of the first series because the last few episodes were very touching T_T I am so happy if they decide to continue Digimon. This news excites me more than a remake of Sailor Moon. Lol.. With this, there is also news that Megahouse will be releasing G.E.M figures of Takeru and Hikari! Damn it! I decided to skip Taichi and Yamato, despite both, Agumon, and Gabumon looking absolutely adorable, because of the small 1/10 size and there was no news that they will include more characters. Now that there are more characters, Taichi and Yamato are sold out!! Grrraaaah!! I hope they will do a re-release.. And I can't wait for my favourite digimon: Gomamon (not a fan of Joe or Gomamon's evolved states)
If there is a plushie of you, I will definitely have you as my bedmate, Gomamon! Lol

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