Friday, August 29, 2014


Have you ever felt jealous but happy at the same time? A good kind of envy? As weird as it sounds, that is what exactly I felt today when I knew that my younger sister has a boyfriend now. Hurray! I am still single, or I choose to still remain as a bachelor for now, but I am not jealous because of that. The first thing that worried me was if this guy is more good-looking than me. Lol.. Haha.. Yes, that is how narcissistic I am. After I see how the guy looks like, I feel a sense of relief. Phew... The jealousy disappears and only the happiness remains. I even told some my friends that my sister is attached now. Don't ask me why I am so happy about it.

It is said that brothers get protective over their sisters when their sisters find boyfriends or going to get married. Honestly, under normal circumstances, I will not use the word "love" about my feelings towards my sisters. But after hearing this news, I guess deep inside, I am a loving brother. I just hope that this guy is not an asshole, will take care, protect, and make sure that my sister is happy. Woot.. I am saying as if it is her wedding day tomorrow.

I chuckled when she told me how worried my parents were when she was still dating past 8pm or when she went dating over the weekends. If I am already feeling like that as a brother, I can imagine how much more my parents will feel, especially fathers. Haha.. I can imagine their "jealousy": last time my sister devote the whole time just for them but now she has a divided attention.

Perhaps she will not ask me to travel with her anymore.. Perhaps we will not be to do our stupid role play with our toys anymore. Kinda sad but that is just a circle of life.

Now I am more interested in how it all began but I am too shy too ask. Haha.. Darn! I better thicken my skin a bit. I am quite surprised that my parents already know about it and my sister even said "If you come home, don't be shy when I introduce my boyfriend ok!". Hmm... no wonder my mum and my sister have been nagging at me recently asking when I will be home again. Am I supposed to do some QC? Lol..

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