Monday, August 18, 2014


Sian.. Today is a bad day. The first thing I noticed in the morning was a missing $50 note from my wallet. I withdrew $800 on Saturday and I paid $700 for my rental. I did not buy anything else on Saturday, The only thing I bought on Sunday was breakfast and I paid it the exact amount.

I did not check the amount dispensed by the ATM so it is a possibility that the machine dispensed less. It is too late to do anything with the bank today. Haiz.. The other possibility is I gave my landlady $750 instead of $700. Again this is very unlikely because I remembered having checked the cash properly before handing it to her. In addition, previously there was a time that I gave her an extra $50 and she returned it to me immediately. I doubt she would be dishonest this time.

Another possibility is I dropped $50 instead of $10 for mass offering. I did not really see the note I took out from my wallet but I am very confident that it was $10. I remembered clearly that I used my finger to feel the plastic texture and there is no $50 note in plastic. $50 note is also too big to hide within my grasp.

So seriously, where did my $50 go?? :(

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