Friday, July 25, 2014

WDCC Peter Pan: Forever Young

WDCC Peter Pan Forever Young was first released in 2005 (which means Cinderella's glass slipper as the mark) and suspended in 2010. Suspended means that the production was stopped temporarily and it might be produced again in the future, unlike retired which means that the piece will never be produced again. It does not really matter now as the WDCC line already met its demise. The original price is USD 99. The box measures 20.5cm (L) x 13.5cm (W) x 13.5cm (H). The figurine itself is about 12.7cm tall and the diameter is 8.8cm long.

The one I bought was produced in 2008 with Aurora's/Sleeping Beauty's crown as the mark. I paid USD 80 for this (+USD 47.20 shipping). Sadly I bought this from an asshole. The item is described as excellent but Pan's face has some black dirt and there are some sticky things on the base. However, the most irritating part is how this asshole overcharged me for shipping. The printed shipping label only showed shipping fee of 32 bucks. I am still irritated with the fact that I saw this only after I left a feedback. If I knew earlier, I would definitely give this asshole a negative. When confronted about this, the asshole turned nasty and rude. Typical seller that you should avoid. Sorry for too many assholes as I don't know if the person is male (bastard) or a female (bitch). So if possible, please avoid buying from this seller (eBay id: cdallbuf). Okay, enough of this asshole let's see the pictures.
The box, the figurine, and the certificate of authenticity
The packaging is very compact and it saves storage space for the box. Love it!
Again I don't see any link between the title of the figurine with the pose. It should be called Peter Pan and his Panpipes or something.
Not too pleased with the rather disproportionate hand and fingers
Black dirt around his right eyes and cheek
Shiny knife
The base with Aurora's crown mark
The content of the clear envelope for the Certificate of Authenticity
 Both sides of the Certificate of Authenticity
Model sheet
The sticker is not used to seal the clear envelope. Yay!
Again I still feel that this is rather an underwhelming WDCC piece.

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