Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wanna bet?

I woke up to a cool morning with heavy downpour. What a great weather! It turned to be heaven crying for Brazil who was blitzed 1-7 by Germany. Ouch! It was not just a loss.. I guess it was the humiliation that hurt more. Not only they lost at home soil, they lost with such a great margin. I did not watch the match but it seemed interesting and exciting with Brazil conceding 4 goals within 6 minutes and down at 0 - 5 at the first half. If I were watching, I guess that was the queue for me to go back to my bed. Haha.. Oh and congratulations to Miroslav Klose for his 16th goal in the World Cup which earned him a place in history. Haha.. He will still have a chance to add more goals in the final. I was rooting for Brazil by the way T_T

However, there is a funny thing that comes along this victory by Germany, particularly in Singapore.
This is an anti-gambling ad.
The TV ad

Pardon me if you can't hear the words clearly because of the accent. Even I am not able to hear all the words clearly. So yeah, the ad basically backfired.. Haha.. It even tempts me to start betting for the remaining World Cup matches too!! Lol..

See what it becomes after the match:

It will be exciting to see the final as well as how this ad will turn out. Will Germany really win? Haha..
Anyway, even if you get blitzed, I still love your mascot. This keychain is a free gift from McDelivery when making payment using Visa. Hehe..

Okay, I hope Argentina will win later... because the team I am rooting for usually will not win. Lol..

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