Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Strange encounter with a stranger

One weekend passed and I still have not overcome my angst over my appraisal. Haiz.. My colleague noticed how I become much angrier at work recently. Oh well.. I guess I have decided to drop all pretense and just be who I am. I survived school days (and did pretty well) as a slacker anyway. What's the point of sacrificing myself and my health for work stuff and not getting any appreciation? So yup, just do the bare minimum and taichi arrows when they come.

After mass on Sunday, I finally decided to try Baja Fresh Mexican Grill at Hotel Rendezvous. It has been tempting me for the past 3 weeks but I did not feel any sense of satisfaction. Haha.. I guess Mexican food is just not my thing. I am more of a beef person than a chicken breast person. Nearing the end of my meal, I had the following interesting encounter.

Suddenly a lady came in and asked if she could chit chat with me. The first thing that came to my mind is parents' advice to avoid strangers. Haha.. I could imagine the "Huh? Wtf?" expression across my face at that moment. The first thing that crossed my mind when a stranger approached me from nowhere is either to sell something or it is some church outreach.

Well it was kinda awkward but in the end we could strike a 5 minute long conversation. It is not exactly surprising for me as my job requires me a lot of talking with strangers and if they are nice enough, I am also okay to have a less reserved conversation. However, one bad thing about me that I notice is how I tend to be very honest and may divulge too many unnecessary details even to complete strangers. Oops... Better learn to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, I pray for a girlfriend and this is not exactly what I have in mind, God! Haha.. she was older than me and I am sure she is married already. I want someone of a girlfriend or wife material to approach me this way. Haha.. Guys also can :p Not as a partner in life but more for companions to have meals or play games/sports together lo. I am lonely mah...

The outcome of Indonesian 2014 Presidential Election was just announced and I just hope that God will protect Indonesia. Politics can be bitter but I think that people should learn from Madam Hillary Clinton. I remembered how intense her rivalry with Obama was and although in the end she lost, there was no bitterness and she supported Obama. When asked about how she overcome this, she said "You can't be tied up in politics. You gotta turn to governing and make life better for people.". Yes politicans should learn from her. There are winners and there are losers. But remember that in the end, all the competition is for public greater good. With people like her, no wonder USA is a powerhouse and they have democracy. In Indonesia, we call it democrazy.

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