Sunday, July 6, 2014

Indonesia Presidential Election 2014

I don't really bother about politics but this year's election is simply too extra-ordinary and too important to miss with all the campaigns (both black and white campaigns) and the involvement of social media from the supporters of both parties. I remembered clearly that people were not even bothered much with the election 5 years ago. I personally did not bother about the previous presidential election as it was a competition among people who had proven themselves incapable to solve all the problems besetting the nation.

2014 election, however, is special because both presidential candidates are considered 'fresh' in the sense that they have not been involved in the governance on national level. I think there are 2 things which make this election very exciting: the stark differences between the 2 candidates and Jokowi factor. Jokowi is seen by many as a beacon of hope for Indonesia and since the fall of the New Order, we have never seen a politician who can draw public support as much as him. The similarities drawn between him and Obama are not deniable and I will not be surprised if the participation rate for this election will be record-breaking.

For Indonesian who live overseas, the election was held from 4-6 July, depending on which countries. The election in Singapore was held today and by yesterday, there were already news that the turn out at other countries were crazy with people queue-ing for hours in unfavourable weather just to vote. Simply amazing. There was no such report for the parliamentary election in April earlier this year. That is understandable as people are losing faith and do not have hope with the parliament so people think whoever they vote do not matter or it does not even matter whether they cast their vote.

I have to say that the turnout was definitely much larger than the parliamentary election. I went at roughly the same time (lunch time because I was hoping that people were going to eat lunch and it would not be so crowded). In April, it felt as if I was late and they were going to 'close shop' soon. Today, it was crazy. Thank goodness I registered and brought my letter as the queue was much faster. In fact, it was less than 10 minutes for me to clear everything. The report about hours of queue-ing is more for those people who did not register earlier. Of course it would take longer time to capture their data etc la! However, hats off to the facts that they were still eager to vote and did not mind the wait. There were definitely more Indonesian Chinese too which I could barely see during April election.

By the way, I don't know if my voting slip will be considered invalid T_T My first poke caused a tear instead of a hole T_T I poked another time.. Haiz.. heck.. At least I have done my part. So many people are openly declaring their support online but I am not going to do that. Election should be something secret =p Haha.. I can only pray that God will bless Indonesia and Indonesians and whoever wins will bring the country soaring to greater heights.

The overseas Indonesians have done our part and our number is very tiny as compared to the rest of the people who would be voting this coming Wednesday. My Indonesian brothers and sisters who are living in Indonesia, the rest is up to you and our country's future lies on your votes. Please pray and vote wise :)

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