Friday, July 18, 2014

Disney Dudez

I came across this video from the related videos suggested by Youtube when I was browsing Aladdin song yesterday. I was expecting it to be a parody but hey, all the guys can sing well! They belong to a boyband called IM5 which I have never heard before. Anyway, I tried searching for their original songs and their music is not exactly my type. So I shall just enjoy them singing Disney songs. And in my opinion, people who can sing Disney songs well are good singers. Haha.. 

I love the arrangement too. Never know that you can sing A Whole New World with the One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful tune. The opening tune for Kiss the Girl here also sounds like I've Got Sunshine song (I just realised that the song title is My Girl haha...).

Unfortunately, one of the guys quit the boyband and they had to get a replacement. This was incorporated to their second video. Despite singing songs from Frozen, I find this video not as good as their first one. I mean they can sing well so why don't just they sing Let It Go properly instead of jokingly?

They also have a third video. You can skip the first 2 minutes as it is purely talking. Not exactly a fan of the song choices or the arrangement. And seriously, I never know that Once Upon A Dream can be an enjoyable song. Thanks to Angelina Jolie and her Maleficient.

Nick Pitera gets famous for singing both male and female parts of A Whole New World. So it is just apt that he finally makes a one-man tribute to Aladdin on Broadway. It is nice to see him doing something more like a video clip nowadays instead of the self-made 9 windows in his olden days. Haha.. Not a fan of his version of Jasmine actually as he still sounds quite masculine. It is not exactly helping that the original Jasmine's singing voice belongs to Lea Salonga.

Okay, let's turn to something serious and emo a bit. I am sure everybody knows the latest news since yesterday night: Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down when flying over Ukraine airspace. If it was really indeed shot by the Russian, will the US retaliate? Will this herald the 3rd World War?? Things are not going to well.. Up to know, it is still unknown whether it was a deliberate act or it was an accident to shoot down a civilian flight. Even if it is an accident, I can't imagine how the people involved will feel right now for killing 295 innocent lives. Sigh.. Is the end of the world coming nearer???

Other than this, there is a lot of hoo-hah locally about the LGBT for removal of certain books from the National Library. I don't want to take sides but seriously it is kinda scary to see how aggressive the LGBT community is promoting their alternative lifestyle. It is not exactly helping that the straight community wants to do away with anything not straight and hence creating the friction..

Are these signs of the end of time??

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