Thursday, July 17, 2014


I still have yet to overcome the angst, the anger, and the disappointment after my appraisal. Not sure if it was due to the venti-sized Starbucks drink or the anger that made me unable to sleep at the night. I was very distracted at work too and I did not know if it was because of the lack of sleep or because I was still very bitter about the day before. So I decided to follow my impulse and just took a day off today!

I met up with a cousin who was here for a short trip before she continued with her journey back to Brisbane. Yup it was Din Tai Fung again. Haha.. earlier this year, her dad (my uncle) and her sister were in Singapore and we had lunch there. It was time for me to return the favor now. Lol..

Anyway despite all the sleep, all the binge eating, as well as the gaming I did today, my emo-ness is still unabated. Sigh.. I should know my trigger factor, when I feel down, I tend to shop on impulse.. And as of now, there is nothing that I like to buy so the money goes to food.. which will lead to acne.. and will lead to fat issues.. which will make me more emo eventually. Haiz..

Takashimaya is currently having a food fair. Yesterday when I passed by from the 2nd floor, I smelled good food. Haha.. When I went down today, it was rather disappointing as I was expecting something really good or something really unique and I never saw before. Last year, I came to know Schneeballen. The exotic food for this year is Baklava. It is a Turkish/Middle Eastern delicacy. You are going to laugh at my reason for getting interested in this food. It does not look very appealing to me and I don't really like sweet stuff too. I am tempted to try this because Aladdin's Genie mentioned this in his song Friend Like Me. Lol!

Baklava comes in 57th second. Haha..

Unexpectedly, that video brings me to a series of related videos and I have spent more than an hour on Youtube! The related videos are related to Aladdin musicals.

Genie is awesome! Amazing voice, amazing stage presence, and basically amazing live performance. The music should be louder and could be better as on certain parts, I feel that the music is kinda boring. Having said that, it still made me groove on my chairs when watching this.. Aaah.. would be great if someday they bring this musical to Singapore. I will definitely watch this although I am not a big fan of the guy who plays Aladdin. His face and hair look like the cartoon but he is too muscular! Aladdin is supposed to be a street rat who has to steal food. How does that make him super buff? Lol..

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