Saturday, July 5, 2014

2 weddings and a wedding dinner

5th July 2014 is really a special day for marriage. I have 2 friends who are getting married today (nope they are not married to each other). Even among our common friends, some are also invited to 2 weddings today. So the conclusion is there are really a lot of couples getting married today! In the past, when I attend weddings, I always felt amazed ,"Woah.. they are getting married". Nowadays, I always feel rather emo, "When is my turn?" or "How will my own wedding be like?". Sigh.. Biological clock is ticking..

The first wedding was at 9am at Holy Cross. Thank God for the beautiful weather in the morning that made me slept a bit longer. Haha.. I was almost late and had to take a cab. I thanked God because I managed to meet and congratulate my friend when he was getting ready for the entrance to the church. I had to leave early and I planned to leave after photo taking. Surprisingly, it was rather unusual that the photo taking was not in the church after the mass but at the dining area. Bleah.. I decided to skip the brunch and the photo taking because I did not want to miss my other friend's wedding which started at 1015am at Risen Christ. I reached at the 2nd reading so at least I did not miss the homily.

Sadly, I don't have a lot of common friends so I was rather "outcast" at the socialising part. Oh well.. I know some people would just skip their friend's invitation if they have no common friends. I attend weddings for my friends who have kindly invited me so my own feelings don't really matter lor.. In fact, I feel that sometimes God is the one choosing whether I can be friends with certain people but not with others.

The bride of the second wedding that I attended is my friend. We were in the same group when we went for World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney and that was it. We were not at the same batch, we were not in the same course (although we were in the same faculty), and I could count the number of times I went for campus mass or for CG. Perhaps we just had once a year outing with our WYD members but other than that I don't think there are other things. However, we just click so well.. Then guess what, when I moved house 3 years ago, I lived on her neighbouring street!! Haha..

Well I am wishing her a big congratulations! May today be a memorable day and may God bless the wedding and the newly formed family. I can definitely see that she enjoyed herself today. She and her husband really make a cute couple. Both have similar fun-loving personality and that shows even on their wedding day. Nothing fake to look serious or what on this special day. 

I am really touched that I am considered worthy enough to be invited to her wedding dinner. Today was my first time to know that there is a hotel at Fort Canning.. Haha.. Again it was kinda awkward to be seated with strangers but oh well, I attended it to grace the couple's special day. I regretted drinking "too much" wine (is 1.5 glass considered a lot?? lol) as I felt tipsy.

Oh ya, almost forgot that I feel happy whenever I meet with half of my WYD group members. That is also something weird because I am not particularly close to them too. But they have this welcoming and holy aura that makes me feel happy when seeing them. Of course the first topic that comes to their mind is whether I still attend mass o_0 Gyahaha... Honestly I am not offended. In the group, I am the prodigal child.. I guess they understand that without any involvement in any church group, it will be very easy for me to just leave. Hmm.. perhaps I have a different mindset with regards to church. I go to church to find God and not to find friends. So my going to mass is dependent on my relationship with God. When I don't go, it is because I don't feel like praying.. when I don't feel that God bothers about me. Anyway, their question is suitable. I just recently "returned" to church. I skipped masses since before Easter I think :p

What a tiring but fulfilling day... Good night..

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