Saturday, June 21, 2014

Boyish charm

Yesterday I met 2 of my junior high school friends that I last saw almost 12 years ago before I left my hometown for this foreign land. They are here to attend a friend's wedding. I can't tell you how touched I was when they were looking for me and could not wait to meet me. I felt very tired throughout the week (thanks to doing opening shift!) and was tempted to just slack at home after work. But seeing how eager they were to meet, I decided to heck about my tiredness and to meet them.

It never fails to amaze me that despite having no contact for the past decade, once we met, it was like we were teleported back to our younger days. There was no awkwardness and we could have a very normal conversation. I guessed I really had a good teenage days back in Indonesia. In contrast, I would imagine a very awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere when meeting with "friends" from my secondary or JC days here. It also made me imagine how my life would be if never left my hometown in 2002. Back in those days, social media was non-existent and I sort of "lose contact". I guess a part of me is just being anti social and I don't bother to look out for my friend to hang out when I am back at home for holiday. I guess it is too late now with many of my friends are married and already having kids. 

I am glad that they did not find me changed other than me being fatter now. That was not a surprise since I am 10kg+ heavier than I was in 2002. Haha.. They still find me very boyish, perhaps because I don't smoke and I don't drink. I kinda felt disappointed that they drink and smoke. I just find drinking and smoking are things that bad boys do and it is not a sign of maturity. I know it is just a stupid prejudice that I have but that is how my mindset is formed by my parents.

I still can close 1 eye for drinking as drinking wine can be classy (and beers are always low class to me) and I am fine as long as people know their limit and do not get drunk and vomit. I just personally don't drink because I have a weak gastric and I get the Asian flush very quick. Thus I don't really find drinking pleasurable.

Smoking, however, is just a big turn-off for me. I don't see anything cool about harming your own health and worse, harming others too! Bleah... They asked me if it was okay for them to light up with me around. Out of courtesy, I said okay. Haha.. They did their part by asking permission so it was my "loss" for not saying no. Having friends who smoke changes my perception on smoking a little bit. Other than the smoking, I don't really see a lot of change to my friends as compared to many years ago when they were not smoking. I should not see smoking as a sign that someone is bad.. but I still dislike smoking as it makes everyone around them suffer. Just from 1.5 hours of exposure, I am already having phlegm since this morning o_0

So while my friend was enjoying a beer, I got myself a mocktail (yes.. alcohol-free LOL) and a slice of Tiramisu.. Haha.. Yes no wonder they still think that I am a boy boy. And I am not offended by that. Lol..

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