Monday, May 5, 2014

We are young

Tuna~~nite.. we are you~~~ng...

Last Friday, I had a meet-up with a secondary school friend in Indonesia who moved to Australia while I moved to Singapore. It has been more than a decade since the last time we met. Internet was something very novel back then and thus we did not really have a lot of contact. We were classmates in our 2nd year and as expected, I am always close to smart girls in my class. Lol.. We were fans of anime/manga and the most common bond that we shared was our Mandarin Language CCA. Haha.. I was such a noob back then so when laoshi ( 老师 or teacher) wanted me to form a sentence with 吗 (ma), my sentence was 我是吗? (wo shi ma?). I intended it to be a direct translation from English: What am I? Of course it was terribly wrong as 吗 is just a particle said at to ask a question in Mandarin. I had it mistaken for something similar to "what" in English? Since then, everytime we want to have conversation, wo shi ma will always come to the picture.

We had dinner at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh near Clarke Quay. Not something that I would normally eat but since she missed Asian food, I decided to just go along. Anyway it is a famous place, as evident in the endless long queue, so at least I could "boast" that "Hey I tried that before!". Lol.. Since I don't normally eat this, I can't comment whether it was awesome, normal, or just over-rated. After dinner, we just chit chat at Starbucks until it was time for the last bus. I really wished that someone, like what Sam Tsui sang, would carry me home that night.

It is quite amazing that although we separated at an era when long distance connectivity was still primitive, when we met, we could talk as if we just met the day before. Other than her, I was also with another close friend who went to South Korea to study and work for awhile before coming to Singapore to work and with my ex-crush. Lol.. My ex-crush also moved to Singapore since a few years back but it was my first time meeting her in Singapore.. Yes.. I am that anti-social. Haha..

Anyway, my friend got transferred from Australia to Singapore because she has been promoted to take up a regional responsibility. Her name card states "Senior Manager". Hmm.. I wonder if her income already has 5 digits. And honestly, I am jealous!! Well.. live is like that.. I can't help but wonder. We are of the same age, we left our countries to study overseas (just that different countries), and now everything is vastly different: I am just a small fry at my work with lousy shit pay.. Haiz.. 

Let's move on to talk about Sam Tsui now. Haha.. Honestly I am not a fan of cover singers of Youtube stars etc. So the story on how I come across Sam Tsui began when my friend posted "Just Give Me a Reason" video from Glee. It was rather short and the song was quite good that I wanted to listen to the full song so when I searched for the full song on Youtube, his cover appears just second after the original by Pink. Song choices make singers as much as talent/vocal. I kinda like his voice especially when he 'strains a bit' to reach higher notes.. that actually makes his voice unique. Unfortunately, I don't like a lot of the songs that he covered, except for perhaps We are Young that I posted above.

I actually enjoy this more than the original!

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