Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meet-the-Artist: Ivan Reis (Kinokuniya Singapore Free Comic Book Day 2014 Event)

I went for a trip to China Square Central to look for G.E.M Megahouse Aladdin. As expected, I could not find it and my back-up plan was to walk back to Funan I.T Mall to get it from a toyshop there. Unexpectedly, I found and decided to buy 2 display cases for Final Fantasy Coca Cola figures that I imported from Japan. With the big size, there was no way I could bring Aladdin which comes in a super big box too so I decided to just have my lunch at Takashimaya.

A trip to Takashimaya will not be complete without a visit to Kinokuniya. I did not plan to go there as I had nothing in mind to buy. Then, I realised that Kino was having a 20% sale to celebrate Free Comic Book day which took place yesterday! Dammit! Yep.. the first Saturday of May is always a Free Comic Book day. I deleted Kinokuniya email last week that I missed about this.

I came at about 330pm there and from 3pm, there was a Meet-the-Artist session with Ivan Reis. He draws for Green Lantern's Blackest Night, Aquaman, Justice League Trinity War, and Justice League Volume 4. At least these 4 are the latest comics by him that was advertised today.

Honestly, I am a fan of Marvel rather than a fan of DC. Having said that, when we talk about the artists, I know neither. Haha.. But since the queue for him was not long, I decided to just heck it and get Justice League Volume 4, get him to draw and autograph on it, and get a picture with him. I thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Ivan asked me who I would like him to illustrate. My favourite is actually Wonder Woman but since I am not sure how the comic industry in America functions, I was scared that his "main" thing would be Green Lantern or Aquaman. In US comics, there are so many artists being named that it is hard to know who gets to do or draw what. In contrast, for Japanese manga, they will only mention the mangaka name so you know that if this guy comes, he will definitely be able to draw all characters in that manga.

To play it safe, I just told him to draw his favourite character. I was crossing my finger that he wouldn't draw some obscure bad guy.. He drew me Sinestro, the enemy of Green Lantern. Not a very satisfactory choice for me but at least I sort of know him as he was my strongest card when I started playing Injustice in my tablet. Haha..

Here are some of the pictures :) Of course I omitted the picture I took with him since I don't like to put my identity on this blog. Haha..
Almost done.. And darn it I got the picture blur!! Gosh..
This is what he drew for me. Yay! Would be great to have it dated though.
After reaching home, I immediately googled him. I discovered that he could draw a lot of things.. Mwahahaha.. I should have said Wonder Woman instead T_T

Anyway, it was a great experience for me :) Still, I regret that I did not know about this earlier or else I could have brought my Trinity War that I hate and regret buying and made it more worthwhile with him drawing on it. I actually had Justice League Vol 1-3 and I thought this Trinity War was a continuation. It was actually not. A week later, Justice League Vol 4 came out and 2 of the chapters were also included in Trinity War and hence I was reluctant to buy.
On a hindsight, it was a blessing that I hesitated to buy and thus I bought it today to get it signed. It was also a blessing that I deleted Kinokuniya's email. If I knew about this earlier, perhaps I would give this event a miss as I did not even know about this guy.

So that was $25.42 well-spent. Thanks Kinokuniya for inviting Ivan and thanks Ivan for the drawing and the photo :)

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