Friday, May 16, 2014

King & Queen & Joker (& 2 maids)

It is actually quite rare for me to be this updated with J-Pop as I am simply losing touch with them. Out of boredom, today I just looked at Sexy Zone and Hey! Say! JUMP fan pages on facebook and I found out that Sexy Zone just released their 6th single two days ago. From the title "King & Queen & Joker", it tells me two things: it is going to be something cutesy (typical Sexy Zone stuff) which I will like and Marius + Sou will be neglected again as per usual. 

I am right for the 2nd guess and am wrong for the first one. The song is very "bland". I have downloaded the PV and played it for the 5th time as I am typing this. The tune is not catchy enough for me to remember it. The tune is just something typical of any other J-Pop boybands and nothing really stands out. Kind of sad as I am something something cutesy from them. The PV also falls on the boring part as they spend more time with the dancing instead of making something interesting and playful with their King & Queen & Joker theme. 

Japanese idols are often regarded as "dumb" idols in the sense that they are not very talented and just use their star power/charm/whatever you want to call it to succeed in anything they do. Sexy Zone can be regarded as so. Their individual voice is not good or unique enough and usually for a group composed as such, it is better when they sing together instead of solo. Kinda reminds me of AKB48 too haha.. Unfortunately, there are too many solo parts of Kento, Shori, and Fuma for this song. Thus overall, the song is rather poor.. Bleah..

After watching the PV, I really think that the song should have been called King & Queen & Joker & 2 Maids (or butlers)

No offense for Sexy Zone fans. I actually kinda like them at the beginning. And as I mentioned repeatedly, I am a fan of good songs rather than a fan of certain groups. So even if I can like a band or a singer, if their songs suck, I will say so. But who knows if I will change my mind?? Haha.. Previously I also did not have a very good initial impression on their Dubai single but nowadays I can spam the replay button listening to it. Lol..
Can't get high quality pictures of the single jackets.. Well it is only 2 days old ^^

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