Friday, May 9, 2014

Goody-Japan (Review) updated

I did not expect that there would be a lot of people who viewed my posts on my experience using Japanese proxy or deputy service. So it was really a pleasant surprise when I saw comments on my reviews. Thus I think I should provide an update on Goody-Japan which just had an upgrade to their system in end March-early April period. Basically, this is a follow-up from the review that I did more than a year ago.

The most significant upgrade is the presence of "My Account" now for users to view and manage the various bids and shopping orders they have with Goody-Japan. In fact, I was quite impressed to see all my previous orders (even before the upgrade) listed under my account.

Communication via email to request for this and that will be much less now as we can raise the request to make deposit, withdraw deposit, and request for shipping/combined shipping via "My Account". Previously, all of these had to be manually requested via email correspondence.

Unfortunately, they also made an idiotic change to their deposit system. Idiotic sounds very harsh but that's what I think. Previously, I can make deposit to bid an item and then top up whatever amount exceeding the deposit after all the domestic shipping, proxy fee, bank transfer fee, and international shipping. Now I can't! The new dumb system will allow the initial deposit to be used for bidding the item. They will subsequently bill me for the domestic shipping, proxy fee, bank transfer fee, and international shipping. I will have to withdraw the remaining unused deposit -__-

To put in numbers to make it obvious. Let's say I make a 10000 JPY deposit, I win an item that cost 8000 JPY, and the total of various charges is 5000 JPY. Previously, I will only need to top up 8000+5000-10000=3000 JPY and everything is settled. With the new system, since the item costs 8000 JPY, I can only use 8000 JPY from the initial deposit and I can't touch the remaining 2000 JPY. So I have to top up 5000 JPY (for the various charges) and then withdraw the 2000 JPY. I don't know why they want to make the accounting very complicated with topping up and withdrawing now. Haiz.. It just does not make sense. You can request to use the remaining bidding deposit to offset the shipping fee but that will take an additional working day for them to do the sums and send you a new invoice.

Another HUGE negative thing after the upgrade that I noticed is the customer service is becoming lazy and less responsive in replying my emails! And really, this is a major thumbs down for me..

So with all the changes, the pros of Goody-Japan are:
-Will help you to contact the original seller for more details of the items***
-Automatic email confirmation for your deposit and your bidding
-Able to help with return of damaged item***
-Great initiative to notify buyer about damaged item on arrival***
-Great packaging
-Idiot-proof and informative webpage
-Fair exchange rate

While the cons:
-No manual control of bidding
-No "search function" and no "translation function"
-Relatively pricey proxy fee
-Lazy customer service which does not respond to customer's enquiry

Overall, I am less pleased with the changes. I can live without the "My Account".. I rather make the effort to email them to request this and that than being ignored by them when I need help. The scary thing about poor customer service is if the item gets damaged. After the changes, I have not (and I hope I will not) experienced getting broken item so I am unable to confirm those points I indicated with *** above.

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