Sunday, May 25, 2014


Last last Saturday (yes I am that late) was the very first time in my life that I play domino. Not that I had a sad childhood as I am perfectly happy with my soft toys even up to now. Haha.. I am usually already very impressed watching videos of awesome domino designs and after experiencing the process of building something out of domino pieces, it makes me appreciate those videos more.

It may seem "simple" at first when you realise that there are "theories" to make awesome patterns like tumbling pyramids or walls or seemingly random patterns which actually form an image after toppling. However, the actual process takes a lot of thinking (which colors go where) and most importantly, a lot of PATIENCE, something that I am clearly lacking of. It is worse when I had no practice whatsoever prior to building. I thought that I got a simple part to build the letters. It turned out to be the most difficult one. It is not easy to "join" the letters: to make sure each letters are distinct enough to be recognised and yet the same time they have to be linked together to make sure everything topples smoothly. It was very frustrating because at one side, you want everything to be connected to topple and yet when you are successful in doing so, if an "accident" happens, everything will topple and you need to build again from scratch. Considering my inexperience, I consider myself to be a quick and good learner but I just can't overcome my impatient and easily frustrated nature. Haha..

In case you are wondering why suddenly I was playing domino, it was actually for my company's teambuilding event. This year I was quite lucky to win $30 voucher. Yay!! Initially I was quite sad that I won the 172th lucky draw out of 178 prizes. I was expecting to have some near-expiring product samples. I rather got a chance to win one of the top 10 prizes or nothing at all than getting a lousy prize and 0 chance of getting one of the top 10. Things went rather unexpected as my colleague who got the 60-something-th prize actually got a product hamper and that sucked. Fiuh.. so glad to get $30 voucher. Lol.. thank God for the good luck this time.

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