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One of the well known Bible story + Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) + Emma Watsons (Hermione) + good family working together to build an ark + tonnes of cute animals + nice CGI depicting a fight at the trailer. All the ingredients for a perfect movie seems to be there for Noah and I am very eager to watch this. Yes there are a lot of drama with it being banned by some Muslim countries but the Church does not call this blasphemous. I was a bit reluctant to watch when I saw a 2 star rating locally. However, it was at the top of box office in the USA last week and the favourable rating from Rotten Tomatoes etc are what tip the balance for me to watch it.

It turned out to be a waste of my time and my money. I just hate it when they make a movie based on something (be it the Bible, real-life story, comics, books) and end up desecrating the original material. That is exactly what happens with Noah. I think only the first 30 seconds of the movie which retells the Creation and the Fall of Man tallies with the Bible. The rest is bullshit.

Noah's Ark is built by the Watchers (which represents the Fallen Angels of God which were banished to the earth as stone golems) while Noah is busy finding wives for his sissy sons who can only think about getting wives and having children after the flood is over.Noah is also depicted as an apocalyptic asshole here. He thinks that his mission is just to save the animals. He refuses to find wives for his sons and decide that their family will be the last humans on earth. After they die, the earth will be free of Man and sins and will return to the Good state declared by God at the point of creation. This creates a family conflict with the rest of his family members who wants to procreate. Ham (played by Logan Lerman which I really loathe in this film) even let the enemy on board of the ark and killed some of the animals because of his grudge towards Noah who refused to save the girl he wants to marry. Hmm that's the reason of extinction of some species right? Lol.. And by the way, Emma Watsons play a non-existent character in the Bible -__-"

It is a complete disaster when compared to the Bible. In the Bible, Noah's sons already have wives and kids by the time they are building the Ark. They are sort of a good and happy family being hated by the rest of the people. Unless I am remembering wrongly, I thought they are building the Ark to save believers of God. They preach to the towns for repentance and because all the sinful men can't be bothered about them, God decides to send the flood and only save the animals and Noah's family.

I thought the war scene at the trailer depicts how the wicked man finally has had enough with Noah's family and want to kill them for their preaching and would like to destroy the Ark for once for all. During this attack, God save Noah by starting the flood. My imagination is too wild. Haha.. The war scene shown at the trailer lasts only 2 seconds in the movie when Methuselah (Noah's grandchildren) protects the Watchers. Other than that there is no other "superpower" shown in the movie. Oh and what actually happens in the movie is that when the rain starts to pour, the wicked man realised that the end of the world is really coming. So they are "attacking" Noah to gain entry to the Ark to save themselves from the flood.

The only thing that touches me in the movie is actually about the Fallen Angels. When they are banished to the earth, they "fall down" from the sky like shooting starts. They realise their sinfulness and always wish that they can return to the Creator. When they are destroyed, they are taken back up to the Heaven. The way I see it is that God's love is really limitless. He even takes back repentant Fallen Angels.

And a joke from my friend:
When someone asks you to watch Noah, just answer "No ah". Haha..
I agree. The movie is indeed *that* atrocious!

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