Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie marathon

I was lucky that I went to Mal Artha Gading at the beginning of this holiday. Usually I went there at the end of my holiday to stock up my toiletries and everytime I saw something nice at the pirated DVD store, I would not buy as there was no time for me to watch. This time I went a bit mad and I bought 8: Angels & Demons, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Rise of the Guardians, and The Adventures of Tintin.

I personally love Rise of the Guardians and thus I bought it. I liked Tintin but did not love it. I bought it for the sake of hitting the "buy 10 get 1 free" promotion. Haha.. I never knew that Angel & Demons had a movie while for Thor and The Hunger Games movies, I did not watch them as I was not sure if they were worth watching.

In the middle of watching Angel & Demons, I found the movie very familiar. That was weird because I had no memory of watching it before as I said previously, I did not even know that there was a movie on it. My sister and I guessed that we might have watched it when it was played on one of the local TV station. Darn.. should have not bought it!

Let's move on the 4 movies that I had not watched previously.
Not a fan of movie with just 1 super hero and thus I did not watch Thor as well as its sequel. My sister said Thor was boring and she fell asleep halfway so I did not really expect much. But after watching it, hey, Thor is not pretty good. The opening scenes are fabulous! I love how Asgard being portrayed here. And with Josh Wheedon here, the dialogues are funny and enjoyable. Thor's confusion on earth as well as the earthling's confusion with Thor and Asgard are believable. Unfortunately, the end is quite a disappointing. With another 4 Asgard warriors, it could have been a great all-out fight at the end but what we get is just a fight vs a giant robot.. Bleah..
Sadly, Thor: The Dark World is worse off than its predecessor. Again, the Asgard warriors are poorly utilised in what could have been a great all-out fight. It is a contradiction when it opens with an all out war between an army of Asgard vs the dark elves and it ends with just a one-on-one fight of an Asgardian (Thor) and a dark elf. And those space ships attacking Asgard? Is this Star Wars?
Not sure with all the hype for The Hunger Games as story-wise, it is very similar to Battle Royale I & II. I guess Jennifer Lawrence is the only reason for watching this eh :p Gotta admit that I was bored to death watching this. I find Battle Royale quite boring too but at least the surviving part is more exciting with all the fights and tactics among the participants than half of the Tributes immediately dead at the start of the Arena in The Hunger Games. Well, gotta give credits to the costume department for all the make-up of the Capitol's citizens and the reality show part is quite interesting to see.
I am honestly very surprised that the movie even got a sequel! My guess is write that for this, the fight will be amongst the ex-winners which I think will be double the boredom of the first movie as it will be a recycle of ideas. Hmm.. okay, the initial part on the revolution etc is quite interesting but things start to go downhill from the middle right to the end. It is really repeating the same thing: most of the people die at the start of the Arena and the boring killing parts. Despite all the talk about revolution etc, it is just "on words of the character" but on the actual screen, I see no action or no plot to show this. The ending is really a cliff hanger which makes the whole movie feels like something-in-the-middle of the whole trilogy.

I actually went to google the ending in the book. I will definitely skip both parts of the Mockingjay as the story does not end in a good light..

Hmm.. overall, I have to say that all 4 movies are wasting my precious holiday time.. The good thing is: now I know to trust my sense when it comes to movie. I hesitated about these movies and did not watch them on cinema and it turns out that I did not enjoy them...

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