Monday, April 21, 2014

Holiday that was not meant to be

It began with a flat tire which almost made me miss my flight.. It ended with a cancelled flight. My Valuair flight back to Singapore yesterday was cancelled. There was no sign or indication about the cancelled flight and I got a bad feeling after seeing a sea of people holding "Jetstar Refund Form". As a budget airline, there was no ground staff and only airport staff were around. They only cited "technical isues" as a reason, made no attempt to help stranded passengers other than distributing the refund forms. When being asked further about the refund process, they also did not know anything. They only know they were supposed to send the forms to Jetstar's HQ in Australia and Jetstar would be the one doing the refund. For a loyal Valuair user, I have to say that I am absolutely disgusted with this experience!

Jeez.. lucky I was in my hometown and I could arrange for transport, alternative flights, and so on. Imagine those poor tourists/travellers.. Bleah.. I had to return to Singapore no matter what as I had an appointment for my PR application this morning which I could not afford to miss. Ended up getting Airasia flight for more than $200+. No idea about my refund.. still too busy to even follow up on that.

While waiting for the flight, I went back home and when I checked my email, Jetstar actually sent an email to inform me about the cancellation at 1330. My flight was at 1500 and I was already at the airport at 1300. Obviously I had no internet connection. "Volcanic activity" was cited as an excuse. It was an excuse because there were so many other flights operating from Jakarta to Singapore. Only after seeing the travel advisory in Jetstar's website that they were referring to Merapi which was in Central Java. It seems that it affected their Perth-Jakarta flight. Kinda make sense but did not make sense for me on Jakarta-Singapore flight. Bleah.. definitely will think twice before flying with them again in the future.

Anyway my PR was approved. I got my IC number and am now only awaiting for the actual card. I felt a bit emo because of the photo. I thought that would be another photo taking for the IC but it seems that they will use the photo I gave today. I looked super duper damn fugly with all my acne.. It is just a small thing which should not upset me but it causes me unnecessary stress. Sigh.. 

I really think that the reason for my acne trouble is stress. Bleah.. I was supposed to start work today but thanks to the cancelled flight, I was not in the mood for work and I had to waste another day to take time off. Haiz..

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